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Mochee Gives Back- Volunteering at Community Partnership for Homeless

A while back last summer our friend Tracy asked us to volunteer at the Community Partnership for Homeless (CPH) in Downtown Miami and we’ve been helping out ever since. Last Sunday, we sponsored our first meal service, where we raised  $600 in funds to provide dinner for the entire shelter.  We got a great group of 12 of our friends together who all pitched in to cover the cost and help serve.  We all got to wear hair nets (except the baldies), aprons and gloves. We served over 450+ meals that were tasty and well balanced- the menu included BBQ Chicken, Scalloped potatoes, peas & corn, salad, homemade brownies and Publix baked bread.

As members of the NextGen Executive board, we are responsible for maintaining the groups Facebook page- make sure to check it out and become a fan to stay updated with upcoming volunteer opportunities and events: CPH operates two Homeless Assistance Centers with a total 702 beds for men, women and children and is the only homeless center in the U.S. that has a dog kennel for the pets of homeless residents.

If you’re interested in putting together your own Meal service night for your company or friends send us an email and we’ll help you set it up-  nothing beats the feeling of giving back to the less fortunate. Hope to see you at the next Meal Service!


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