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Love when celebrities tweet us back!

I’ve been using social media for a long long time… (not even ashamed to admit that I met my fiance on MySpace when the website first launched in 2004) and one of the things that keeps amazing me about it is how it allows me to connect with things and people that I would never had dreamed of. Prime example is celebrities and tastemakers on Twitter…. (and ok, I’m not ashamed to admit I follow alot of them) it makes me feel very glam to know that @NicoleRichie is having croissants at the Ritz in Paris and that Marie Claire editor @NinaGarcia is vacationing in Cartagena. They’re like my old familiar friends and I’m coming along for the ride.

Since I got on Twitter in 2009, I’ve definitely sent my share of tweets to celebs and it’s beyond exciting when I get a reply back. My first celeb tweet was from Dita Von Teese and since then I’ve gotten replies from Venus Williams, RyeRye, Doug Benson and even New Jersey Real Housewife Dina Manzo and Giggy the Pom. But I have to admit the most fabulous celeb tweet I got was today from Tracey Thorn– the singer of my favorite band of all time Everything But the Girl (next to Dave Matthews Band, of course). I’ve been obsessed with EBTG since like 6th grade but since they’ve been super under the radar and live in the UK, I’ve never had the chance to see them live. Getting a tweet from Tracey is like the new ‘autographed album’, and even if it was just a fleeting ¬†moment for her, it made me feel like a loved fan. Who would have ever thought that you could talk to your idol through your computer? This proves that social media is really connecting the world and breaking all barriers, whether those be location, socio-economic status, class, etc.

So in case you don’t believe me- here’s the said celebrity tweet. Have you ever been tweeted by a star? If you have share it with us!

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