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The Miami Hashtag that Took Over the World

This past weekend I witnessed one of the most incredible (and coolest) things to unfold before my eyes on Twitter. (Well aside from the Osama Bin Laden breaking news and other world events, this was a little more close to home)

So… at around 3:00pm in the afternoon on Sunday I was sitting at the movie theater waiting for Bridesmaids to start and naturally was on my phone checking my tweets. I noticed that some of my buddies were using the hashtag #Top10lies and describing the funniest and most absurd lies they had heard in Miami. One of my favorites was from @ViceQueenMaria and it said “Homested is only 20 minutes away from the airport and Miami Beach” (ha, I feel bad for the sucker that falls for that!) I chimed in with a few of my own and then put my phone away like a good movie goer.

A few hours later I was back on the computer and realized that the #top10lies hashtag had caught on like wildfire and was being used by people in countries as far away as Iceland and Antartica! It was unbelievable that almost every corner of the globe was sharing their #Top10Lies. The hashtag was so hot that the regular topic for the bi-weekly #MiamiRealEChat was switched  to #Top10Lies, and I have to say those were some of the funniest ones I had seen all day!

This post is a shoutout to the Miami Rat Pack (you know who you are) for this awesome accomplishment!  It’s been a couple of days since the phenomena and the hashtag is still popping up in tweets! This really makes me believe that Miami’s social media community is way ahead of the curve compared to other cities, glad to be a part of it!

Map of the #Top10Lies trending topic from Sunday, May15th

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