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Feather the Nest Sweepstakes

Everyone likes a good sweepstakes, and our client, Feather the Nest, is offering a pretty sweet deal for the price of a mere five minutes of your time. Feather the Nest is a brand new innovative company that allows members to make profiles on their online site to raise funds for specific goals, projects, or products members would like to obtain. Are you a recent college grad that’s been inkling for a chance to move out of mom and dad’s house but low on the necessary funds to do so?  Did you get the promotion you were aiming for at work and can now make plans to become a first time home buyer? Why not get a little help from your friends? Feather the Nest is the solution to landing your first piece of real estate! The company requires that members complete a profile on their online site that allows members to tell their story and set monetary goals that friends and family can donate and contribute to. A recent college grad can set up a fund on Feather the Nest where family and friends can donate monetary gifts to reach a goal of $10,000 for a down payment on a home as opposed to receiving the usual graduation gifts. If that didn’t already sound like the perfect way to make sure people get the gifts they’ve always dreamed of, Feather the Nest has decided to have a sweepstakes that rewards five hundred dollars towards the winner’s fund. To sign up for this sweepstakes all you have to do is go to and sign up as a nester and create your profile. Then, just how the team here at Mochee is hard at work promoting this great service through the company’s social media site, you can use your own savvy social media skills to ask your friends and family to contribute to your account. The member who has the most contributions wins the five hundred dollars! It’s that simple to enter and that simple to start raising the funds needed to achieve the goals you always wanted to achieve.


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