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The GetMyRx mobile app takes the hassle out of refilling your prescriptions

If it’s possible to deposit checks through our mobile phones and have our groceries delivered right to our doorsteps, how is it that our most important medicines and prescriptions can’t also be delivered and ordered simultaneously through our mobile apps? Isn’t it daunting to have to drive to the pharmacy every time you want to leave the pharmacist with a new prescription, then have to drive back an hour after it is filled, just to pick it up? The folks at GetMyRx caught on to this, and developed a mobile app that allows you to order new prescriptions and refills from your mobile phone. What’s even better is that they also match the location of your home to the nearest pharmacy in Miami-Dade County that will deliver the prescriptions to your home free of charge. Too good to be true? No sir. Download the app on your phone today and sign up, it takes as little as thirty seconds and requires that you follow five simple steps:

  1. Scan your Rx or confirm the pharmacy (paper, faxed, or prescriptions are all valid)
  2. Confirm the doctor
  3. Select the patient
  4. Scan the insurance card
  5. Enter address and phone

After you sign up on the mobile app, the pharmacy that delivers to your location will contact you to collect your payment (only credit cards are accepted) and schedule a delivery time that is most convenient for you (within 4 business hours is the soonest it can be delivered). There are no hidden fees from GetMyRx, you pay exactly what you have always paid in your pharmacy (minus the hassle of driving there to do it). The team here at Mochee is working hard to reach out to more users and promote this service through the company’s Twitter and Facebook social media sites.


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To learn more about the app GetMyRx and how to sign up as well as some commonly asked questions by other users, follow this link


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