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User Demographics: Who’s Using What on Social Media

At Mochee, one of the biggest social media questions we get is, “What do my fans look like?” Clients are always curious about demographics. What cities do my fans live in? What are their ages? What languages do they speak? What are their interests? As social media experts, this is one of the biggest tools at our disposal. With the exception of Instagram, we use the fan and follower analytics provided by the major platforms to determine our advertising targeting, our content, and even the best time of day to post. While fans vary for every business, users of each platform in general are very specific. This means that when we are choosing which platforms to activate for each client we start there, with basic demographics. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what social media users look like.You might just be surprised!


With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook remains most popular social platform both for personal use and marketing. As of Spring 2015, 77% of women and 66% of men who are internet users report using Facebook. 87% of internet users ranging from ages 18-29, 73% ranging from 30-49, 63% ranging from 50-64, and 56% being of age 65 or older also report using Facebook. The top five countries for usage are the United States making up 14% of the audience, India making up 9%, and Brazil with 7% followed closely by Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Turkey and the U.K.


As we move to Twitter, which sees 316 million monthly users, we see much less of a disparity in gender with 21% of women and 24% of men who use the internet reporting usage on the platform. The 18-29 age range still reigns with 37% reporting that they use the platform. After that we see a major drop off in age. 25% ages 30-49, 12% ages 50-64, and 10% aged 65 or above report using it. According to Twitter, 77% of their accounts are created outside of the U.S. as well. While Twitter sees a jump in young adults, its usage also spikes more among college educated internet users and people that live in urban areas.


31% of online women and 24% of online men report using Instagram. It should be noted, that as a whole, this is only 2% more that the amount who reported using Instagram one year ago. 53% of internet users ages 18-29 use the photo-based platform, but only 6% of internet users over the age of 65% use it. Instagram sees 300 million active users and 75 million daily users. About 27% of the U.S. population is estimated to use it.


Pinterest has perhaps the most interesting demographics. It is estimated that Pinterest users are made up of anywhere from 81-90% women. Only 13% of online men report using it. The age range is fairly diverse with 34% of online people ages 18-29, 28% ages 30-49, 27% ages 50-64, and 17% ages 65 or older reporting usage. Where celebrity drives a platform like Instagram, brands rule on Pinterest. 83% of active users say they would prefer to follow a notable brand instead of a notable person. The top browsed categories are food and drink, DIY and crafts, and home decor.


LinkedIn is unique because it is the only major platform who’s main audience doesn’t fall in the 18-29 age category. Their biggest groups of users come from online people ages 30-49 with 31% reporting activity on the platform, and online people ages 50-64 with 30%. Naturally, 50% of internet users who are on LinkedIn also report being college graduates, more than any of the other platforms we mentioned except Facebook. Social Media Examiner’s recent report also showed that marketers have a soft spot for LinkedIn. When asked to choose only one platform to use to market their business, LinkedIn was the second most popular choice, again only falling behind Facebook.



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