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Mochee Hosts a Night at the FRC

The Mochees recently sponsored a night at Chapman Partnership’s Family Resource Center and Miami Heat Play and Learn Center. Chapman Partnership is a homeless assistance center, with two facilities in South Florida housing a total of 800 residents. The Family Resource Center, located in the Downtown Miami facility, is an area dedicated to families with small children. It’s a place for them to work on homework together, have access to the internet, play games, read books, and do activities.

Mochee brought 18 pizzas (which the children swiftly annihilated) and cake, as well as goody bags for them to enjoy! We were joined by members of Nextgen, Chapman’s organization of young professionals and community ambassadors. We all had a blast playing board games with them, dancing, coloring, and loosing multiple rounds of Connect 4. **DISCLAIMER**: if you ever volunteer at Chapman’s FRC, those kids are masters of Connect 4. Don’t let their sweet faces and sunny dispositions fool you.

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Unfortunately, families with small children represent a growing segment of Chapman Partnership’s population. There are so many opportunities for hands-on volunteering at both centers. If we’ve inspired you, and you’re interested in volunteering your time or setting up a group volunteer project, find info here:

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