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Giveaways as a Way to Promote Facebook Engagement

Facebook giveaways can be great tools to encourage post engagement and generate buzz about a specific topic or client. The opportunity to win attracts entrants, driving traffic to the Facebook page where they are exposed to the company’s key messaging.

Recently Mochee hosted a giveaway for Tower Theater Miami, offering entrants the chance to win two tickets to an upcoming showing of their choosing. The giveaway was held during Miami Film Month, capitalizing on the added press for small theaters in the Miami area. A primary goal of the campaign was to promote awareness of the variety of films showing at Tower Theater.

Mochee targeted users most likely to visit the theater by using an advertising budget to promote the post to a selective audience of Facebook users interested in film and located in the Miami area. Two separate posts during the week asked users to share their favorite movie seen at Tower Theater.

Mochee gathered more than 30 viable entries in this initial contest, an engagement rate far above that of the average Tower Theater Facebook post. From those entrants, 15 winners were randomly chosen. The giveaway provided us with feedback about which films people are enjoying most, as well as built buzz around the films currently playing, two goals the client wished to accomplish.

Facebook analytics enabled us to determine other measurable successes, including how many link clicks to the website and Facebook page likes came as a direct result of the giveaway posts.

In all, Mochee and Tower Theater Miami concluded that giveaways with a specific and easy call to action can be used as a tool to increase both engagement and awareness on social media.


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