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Might a new app dethrone Snapchat?

Have you ever found yourself swiping left on Snapchat trying to find more and more filters? It is unfortunately true, one cannot get enough of those crazy addictive filters. One can never get the perfect selfie. Snapchat however makes things easier, adding cute dog ears, pretty flower crowns, wobbly eyes, and even the mysterious filter of the week, which we can all accept is a fan-favorite especially when they feature either the butterfly crown or the wannabe Bratz Doll.

However, there might be a new selfie king in town, and it might just dethrone good old Snapchat himself. All hail, “Snow”, a Korean knockoff version created by a company known as Naver. Snow basically replicates Snapchat’s filters, but in an amazing maybe even better way. This app is similar to Snapchat in the sense that it takes your selfie and adds whichever filter you desire, but the point here is not just spreading the cool photo, but the art of the selfie itself, offering more filters than Snapchat could ever imagine.


Of course you can share your amazingly unique filter with your friends, but since the app is not that famous (yet), you can do it by exporting the photo to your camera roll, or by sharing it to either Facebook or Instagram.

Quite honestly, it’s hilarious, offering a wide array of crazy filters Snapchat hasn’t even come close to yet. For example, a Koala eating its food, flawless hairstyles, unicorn hair & makeup, old grandma having tea, cute cat graffiti, and a tree, yes a tree filter. Apart from these fascinating filters, Snow also features GIF making, and a 72-hour story, because who can fit everything into 24 hours?


According to its creators, Snow was not intended as a social media device, more so as an alternative to those wacky Snapchat filters that are not available to everyone, e.g.: China. So it’s all about fun. Plus, the app is totally free for now.

We’ll see what the verdict here at Mochee is, and the fate of the Snapchat King will soon be revealed.


Till later, Donatela.

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