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Mochee Rundown: Snapchat Filters

If you took a poll among the Mochees for favorite social media platform, Snapchat would be at the top of our list. We love all of its fun and unique features like stickers and slow-mo, and we’re obsessed with their ever-changing facemasks.


***pro tip: using Snapchat masks on babies is a sure fire way to get a picture of them looking straight at the camera. They might have Dalmatian ears and a long tongue, but whatever**

Aside from Mochee personal use, the social media industry is still experimenting with the most effective ways to utilize the app for business use. Huge corporations like MTV and ESPM have their own native channels on Snapchat that are updated daily with their own content, but how can small, local businesses benefit from live sharing on Snapchat?

Mochee has the answer: On Demand Snapchat filters!

If you’ve used Snapchat before, you’ve noticed the location that filters that conveniently show up when you’re snapping at any location around the city, on a university campus, or at a local landmark. These are called Community Geofilters. Artists and designers are encouraged to created these filters and upload them to Snapchat. Upon approval, they go live to be used by everyone in that location. These filters do not allow brand logos, and are not available for purchase.

On the other hand, Snapchat offers On Demand filters. Similar to Community Geofilters, On Demand filters will automatically show up as an option when snapping from a certain location. Unlike Community Geofilters, businesses and individuals can design, upload, and purchase an On Demand filter for a specific event at a specific location. Brand logos and trademarks are allowed, making it the perfect way for local businesses to leverage their customers’ use of Snapchat.


Snapchat offers a couple different ways to do this. You have the option to create your own filter from scratch using simple, Snapchat-provided templates for Photoshop and Illustrator (aka what the talented, graphic design inclined Mochees do) OR you can use Snapchat’s new “create online” option, perfect for those with little to no design skills. Currently, Snapchat offers multiple templates for birthdays, weddings, and general celebrations. These templates are remarkable easy to customize by altering the colors, text, and font.

After uploading it, Snapchat approves it within a day, unless they don’t, in which case they’ll explain why. Next, you draw your “Geofence” around the exact area you want your filter to cover. Snapchat shows you this on a Google Maps interface, so it practically finds the location for you. Finally, you choose the date range and time that your filter will be active, Snapchat shows you the price and voilà!

Believe us when we say, dealing with social media platforms directly for advertising or troubleshooting isn’t always the easiest thing. Snapchat makes this submission process really easy. And we think these On Demand Geofilters are very reasonably priced with how customizable and cool they are.

Once your event is over, Snapchat even provides you with simple analytics showing how many people used the filter, and how many people saw the filter. We recently made one for an author event at Books & Books, and it was a big hit!

Do you have an in-store event or big celebration coming up? You know who to call to create your custom On Demand Geofilter!

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