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Mochee Teams Up with the U.S. State Department

Mochee was honored to launch a full social media campaign in September for the U.S. State Department’s Passport Awareness Month efforts. The campaign, dubbed #PicturePerfectPassport, aimed to educate followers on what exactly makes an ideal passport photo. Can you wear a military uniform in your photo? Can your baby be sitting in a stroller? Mochee set out to answer all of these questions and more.


The campaign began with a need for sample passport photos. Mochee cast over 20 models and began shooting acceptable photos that would be approved by the Passport Agency as well as photos with the most common mistakes that they encounter. From there the content grew to include graphics, video, gifs and posts written specifically for the @travelgov Facebook and Twitter accounts.
unspecifiedOver five days of shooting and writing, Mochee developed a well-rounded campaign that would show viewers just how easy it is to snap your own passport photo. The basic takeaways? Stand in front of a plain white wall, keep your smile neutral, don’t cover your face with clothing or hair, and give yourself at least an hour to get a solid photo of anyone under the age of 5!

The Passport Agency’s ultimate goal is for all eligible U.S. residents to have a valid, up-to-date passport. The #PicturePerfectPassport campaign is one piece of puzzle. 14211978_10154548244888149_6891633924943643020_n

The opportunity allowed Mochee 2.0 the chance to work with a government agency for the first time and to see a successful campaign play out on social media from start to finish, an experience we never tire of! The #PicturePerfectPassport video reached over 13,000 viewers in the first three weeks and the content has proved engaging across all platforms. Follow @travelgov and Mochee to see more!

Watch the #PicturePerfectPassport VIDEO.

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