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October Social Media Roundup

Every day there is a new social media update, report or trend and of course, we keep up with them all! From the new Ads Manager to Instagram Story polls we have rounded up the social media news our office has been talking about the last few weeks.

For those of us running Instagram ads, the platform has made an improvement to the call to action bar. The bar will now dynamically change to the main color contained in the ad’s photo or video, creating a better looking, more streamlined ad. One of the most talked about new feature this month is Instagram polls. Not just fun for the everyday user this feature increases engagement with Stories for businesses and influencers alike. The app has also improved their comments control options. Public profiles can now choose who can comment on their posts, from everyone to just their followers. Last but not least, Instagram Stories has launches cross-posting to Facebook Stories. Photos and videos taken with the Instagram in-app camera can be uploaded to both apps, allowing businesses the option to utilize both platforms simultaneously with minimal effort.

Even with dwindling numbers of new users and stalled stock value, Snapchat proved again that it fills a specific niche in the market. Nearly half of teens prefer Snapchat to all other social media platforms, showing it is still a very powerful tool for targeting a young audience. Their new context cards have created a novel way for users to access location based searches. Now, when a location is tagged in a Snapchat, users can swipe up to see its address, reviews, get directions, make a reservation and even request a Lyft.

For marketers, Facebook has combined Power Editor with Ads Manager to strengthen their ads review and make ads creation more user-friendly. And for businesses active on Linkedin, the platform is now testing out geofilters for event and conference videos and is expecting to roll out the feature soon.

Social media is continually evolving and we make it a priority to stay on top of the updates and improvements so our clients are getting the best content possible. We’ve already successfully used an Instagram poll with ONE SIR, asking followers their opinion on using bitcoin in real estate, the topic of a recent blog, and we’re exploring the new features of ads across platforms to create the most dynamic campaigns possible. Keep up with what Mochee is doing by following us on Facebook, Instagram and our blog!


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