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Instagram Highlights – Mochee Style

At Mochee, we’re always excited to tackle the newest platform offerings. Highlights rolled out as one of Instagram’s biggest update in late 2017 and we’re all about them. From using it as a portfolio to telling a brand’s story, Highlights offer our clients a new way to showcase their assets.

The best way to activate Highlights is by hiring Mochee 🙂 But if you need some help on your own, here’s a quick guide.

By clicking on your personal page, located at the bottom right of your screen (your Instagram icon) you can see the “New” add button:

By simply clicking on the “+ New” button above, your Instagram Highlights option will appear. Opening this new section of your Instagram will provide many opportunities to advertise your profile.

After clicking on the “+ New” button, a set of series in your “Archived Stories” will appear where you can select from a range of all your old post. Another option is clicking the original “Archived” button on the top right corner of your main page.

Thankfully, Instagram Highlights are easily customizable! By holding down on any of your Highlights, a pull-up tab will appear giving you the option to “Edit Highlight”.

From here, you can customize your cover photo, name of the Highlight & the organization of your photos!


Just like Instagram Stickers, this is an amazing crowdsourcing tool that provides categorizing of whatever topic of your choice.

Each of these categories includes our top Instagram story hits that stay featured on our home Instagram page. Instagram’s Insider recently stated that over 400 million users log on and watch Instagram stories daily.

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