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Apple Allows You to “Use Your Gadgets Less”

Last month, Apple Inc. revealed that most of their users are truly addicted to their devices! Unlike the last several years, Apple held this year’s conference not on their new software updates and operating systems but on the complete opposite: How to use gadgets less!

Engineers with Apple have been working on a new tool within the iOS 12 that tracks the amount of time spent on certain apps. Within the last year, other companies like Google and Android began offering the same tool reminding people to take a break from using their devices so frequently throughout the day.

Inside both Instagram and Facebook’s dashboard, the “Settings” button is exactly where you can find this new handy tool. In Facebook, click “Your Time on Facebook” and on Instagram, click “Your Activity.”

We’re on the fence within our office on who and why people will use it. We can see this being a needed and powerful tool for parents but for ourselves, we won’t be signing up anytime soon. We’ll be keeping an eye on if this will impact social media usage. Will you be using the new settings?


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