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Instagram will be introducing more shopping options for the holidays

Instagram has developed shopping tags and expanded them to Instagram stories, but for the holiday season Instagram has three more shopping tools.

This would be helping businesses capitalize on buyer intent and interest. There are 500 million daily active users and 80 percent of them follow at least one business account.

These are some of the features Instagram will announce:

Shopping Collections

There will be a new section in profile where you can save tags of products you’re interested in.

This is how Instagram explained it:

“Now when you come across a must-have item, save it to your Shopping collection to revisit it later. When you tap a product tag in Stories or Feed, tap the Save icon in the bottom right corner to save it to your Shopping collection. Just like existing collections, you can access your Shopping collection from your profile. It’s an easy way to keep your wish list up-to-date and store creative gift ideas for the holidays.”

This is the same as the ‘save’ feature Instagram currently has but with a focus on shopping.

However instead of saving the post it, it would be saving the product tag itself.  Saving the actual product tags would build potential of the tag feature, consequently boosting brand potential to take-up the tool.

Shop on business profiles

Instagram is also adding a “shop” tab to business profiles. Users will have the chance to browse all the items on the shopping tag enabled posts.

This will make it easier for users to checkout products instead of having to scroll through all the brand posts to find what they’re looking for.

Shopping tags in videos

They’re not actual tags but they will use the same principles where Instagram will allow businesses to include a listing of their products that are featured on the videos they post.When you see a video in Feed from a brand you follow, tap the shopping icon in the bottom left corner to reveal the featured products and learn more about them.”

 It plays the same function as the shopping tags but since there is no capacity to tag a moving object, the items would be listed under the video instead.

Whether they’re just features for the holidays or a permanent development for 2019 its worth nothing the growth of shopping opportunities on the platform.

Based on article from Social Media Today.


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