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Mochee’s guide to IGTV

In 2019, the social media forecast continues to be particularly prevalent for mobile video, and with an array of platforms, IGTV is a major player.

Instagram’s longer-form video platform should be a key element in your social media strategy as it represents a new opportunity for brands to become closer with their audiences.

Mochee has used IGTV for many of our clients with bigger audiences, including Miami Marathon and Brightline. We use IGTV to engage with current audience members and to promote upcoming events and services. Not only is IGTV a fun way to keep up with their latest news, but also allows our clients to build up a stronger social media presence, maximize their reach, and make the most effective use of their content.

We came up with a complete guide that is worth taking a look at if you want to know everything about Instagram’s new phenomenon.

What is IGTV?
Similar to Instagram Stories, IGTV is a new feature for sharing long-format videos that live in your IGTV channel and can be up to an hour long, (only for verified and or big accounts).

How does it work?
Videos will show up automatically based on your interests and the people you follow.
Inside the platform, you have 4 categories: For you, Following, Popular and Continue Watching.

How to use IGTV?
1 – Download the IGTV app
2 – Create a channel – Only one IGTV channel can be created per Instagram account as every IGTV account links back to a corresponding Instagram account.
3- Film, edit, and upload
You can’t film within the app; therefore, you need to upload previously recorded vertical footage.
4 – Add a cover image – Just like when posting any video, the first frame will be the video’s cover photo by default. However, you can replace it with a different frame from the video or by uploading an image from your phone. Make sure to pick an eye-catching cover image for your IGTV videos.
5- Make sure to add a title and a brief engaging description about your video. Don’t forget to include a list of relevant hashtags to maximize visibility and reach more people.

Here are some video aspects you need to know before picking up the camera.

Orientation: Portrait
Length: 15 secs, 10 mins or 1 hour for verified accounts
Call to action: Swipe up
File size: 3.6GB Max
File Type: MP4
Video size: 9:16
Custom Thumbnail: JPG

Now that you’re ready to use IGTV and expand your social media strategy, don’t forget to cross promote you IGVT videos in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram stories.

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