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Social Media Activities Performed by US Social Media Users

Mochee is always on the lookout for the latest social media statistics!

eMarketer released a Social Media Activity chart showing how users are engaging with content on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. When it comes to social media, nothing ever stays the same. As each app updates and adds new features, user habits and behaviors are affected.

Although users still show preference to pictures on every platform, the distribution of video content across each platform is constantly growing as more users are watching videos. Facebook users for example love to be entertained. Viral videos on Facebook are known to populate millions of views and shares. Sharing numbers have also increased on Instagram as they allow users to share photos and videos to their stories and direct messages.

Pinterest on the other hand is still the leading social site for finding/shopping for products. This came as no surprise to Mochee. Instagram and Facebook’s numbers for finding/shopping for products may increase with new features such as: Facebook’s new live video mode for sellers, Instagram’s new shopping collection feature, and Instagram’s checkout feature.

All in all, this eMarketer report is very helpful when dispersing content across multiple social media platforms for clients. Although Mochee’s social strategy is very familiar with how users are engaging with their client’s content, statistics such as these ensure we are on the right track.

Does your social media usage reflect the eMarketer’s results? Get more details on eMarketer’s chart here.

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