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5 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis

Dealing with a social media crisis can be overwhelming. A social media crisis is when an issue on or offline is brought to various communication channels at a vast speed. Apps have definitely changed the speed of which good and bad news travels. Since a dilemma can strike at any moment, it is best for brands and corporations to have policies and plans in place.

Mochee for example has a policy for each client which states specific brand guidelines on how and what to post. Everyone having proper training and utilizing social listening decreases the possibly of an issue occurring.

If this happens with a client (fingers crossed it doesn’t!) we jump in asap. Our first step is doing a thorough analysis of what the fodder is and the volume. We immediately pause planned content and re-strategize what posts should be to ensure they don’t fuel the fire. From there, it’s working closely with the client and their communications team to get the conversation offline. 

Mochee’s approach to handling a social media crisis is equivalent to the 5 tips from Social Media Today. To read about all 5 tips click here!

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