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Facebook is Redesigning its Core App

Have you heard the news? Prepare to say goodbye to Facebook news feed as you know it. Facebook events and groups are taking over the world popular digital platform. With over 2.27 billion active users monthly, we can’t help but to wonder how this will impact user engagement. Although events are one of the most-used parts of the app, it is hard to predict the response Facebook will receive from current members.

Since over 400 million people on Facebook belong to a group, they will introduce tools that allow people to better connect. As expected, this new focus will involve launching a mobile and desktop redesign around the world. One new feature will include a new groups tab, providing a personalized feed to the members of each group. Mark Zuckerberg’s new focus puts a stronger emphasis on connecting strangers worldwide.

The new Facebook will not only encourage you to meet new people but also help you find things to do in your neighborhood. Users will be able to find new events, organize their calendar, and quickly sift through public / friend events. The revised events tab could be beneficial for businesses using the platform to promote various festivities, driving higher engagement and attendance. Mochee is interested to see how these changes will ultimately change the way businesses utilize Facebook for social media marketing.

How do feel about the upcoming changes to the Facebook platform? Click here for more details on the future of Facebook.

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