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Changes to Instagram

Instagram has launched new functions that are both efficient and creative. Through Facebook, users can now receive and react to Instagram direct messages from their Facebook page inboxes. Now admins on the site can easily answer messages from their Instagram and Facebook Messenger in one location. Facebook’s goal to merge their messaging system with other platforms’ messaging methods is beneficial to businesses and social media agencies like Mochee. Before the new features, companies managing several social platforms had to split their attention between Instagram and Facebook. Now, people can save time and easily monitor their feedback and engagement.

Users on Instagram can also expect a raise in engagement with a new creative element expanding how music can be incorporated into daily content. Individuals can add music stickers with an option for lyrics, which permits accounts to post videos with lyrics appearing along with the song selected. Instagram appears to be following the popular trend of music-related video clips which apps such as Vine and TikTok became famous for. With this feature, Mochee and other businesses operating Instagram accounts can now increase their engagement with stories to sing along to.

How do you feel about the new functions being added to Instagram?

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