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Supporting the Bahamas

Bahamians are in desperate need of help after the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Sunday as a Category 5. The storm has left 30 people dead and has completely destroyed many homes and pristine areas such as the island of Grand Bahama and Abaco. 

The U.S. Government and several nonprofits such as the American Red Cross have taken action for rescue efforts and supply donations. As of Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard claims to have rescued 205 people. The government’s priorities have been set on helping the critically wounded and fixing destroyed infrastructure so it is no longer a potential hazard. 

As the government has been working on rescue and relief efforts, many Bahamians have taken action into their own hands through social media. Multiple posts from residents have displayed the reality of the destruction they are currently living in. Some gut-wrenching posts consist of natives pleading to find their loved ones. 

With the power of social media, companies have done substantial actions to assist Bahamians any way they can. Whether it’s cruise ships with loads of food, supply drives or a free semester for Bahamian students, people are coming to action. 

The content has shown on the grounds devastation and has caused the mainstream media to galvanize support. Social media has become the primary communication tactic for inspiring assistance compared to other media. This is apparent as social media provides easy access to donation links through swiping up on IG stories and Facebook pages.

Here at Mochee, we have sought to assist some of our clients in an effort to increase hurricane relief donations. Our clients include: Turnberry Marina, Books & Books, Jewish Community Services, Brightline, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District. 

For Jewish Community Services, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District we created custom graphics for their pages. Each post clearly identifies where to donate and what supplies are needed. With Books & Books, we attached an emblem of the nation’s flag in support of the much-needed products. 

Brightline’s content consisted of a digital animation featuring a message from the team, local donation spots and a full list of supplies. Actual footage of early donations and supply lists were included in posts for Turnberry Marina.

The use and accessibility of social media pages are navigating and influencing individuals. All in the hopes of providing enough resources during this devastating natural disaster. We’re proud to work with so many clients who are stepping up to help our neighbors. 


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