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IGTV is Now Rocking the Media World All On its Own!

IGTV has expanded to its own spot in the Apple Store. What was initially just Instagram’s way of displaying video content, IGTV, is now becoming its own stand-alone app. It will still be featured on Instagram but now on its own native platform, IGTV now has the potential to change video content.

Over the last few years, apps focusing on video content such as YouTube have exploded in their popularity amongst young consumers. According to Variety, YouTube is No. 1 platform with U.S. teens. The same study detected that around 85% of Gen Z members use YouTube. The popularity of video platforms encouraged IGTV to take on a life of its own to receive similar numbers. 

Anyone on the IGTV app will be able to create their own channel and share content with their followers. Currently there is a limit for most accounts to only post a video around 10 minutes long. However, for the future of IGTV, there potentially won’t be any limits. IGTV is trying to stray away from being a streaming service such as Netflix, so most content will be encouraged to be on the shorter side.

The IGTV app will allow vertical and horizontal videos to be posted. This is a massive benefit for content creators and users who have had to work with the restrictive vertical video angles. Vertical videos were an instigator for capturing videos from your phone, but this new ability will be just as encouraging to digital creators. Currently, there is no discussion of whether advertisements will be featured on the IGTV app. IGTV wants to primarily center around the content to get the app popular on its own first.

In the similar sense of Facebook videos, viewers will be able to interact on the IGTV app with comments and likes. Instagram is hoping for IGTV to attract new media stars and have a platform for less polished video content. The foundation of IGTV is based on the experience, Instagram wants its users to have and to have fun with the interactive curation of user videos. With IGTV prepping to launch, it will be a test for media companies to see if there is more room in the mobile video world. 


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