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Patron Pops Barriers as The First Liquor Brand to Sell Bottles Via Instagram

Over the past few years, companies from several markets have tested Instagram’s platform to reach a social commerce and the liquor market is no longer an exception to the case. The tequila label Patrón is now the first liquor brand to sell their products through the Instagram app. Instagram users can now come across a Patrón advertisement on their Stories and can swipe up to shop.

Once users swipe up on the advertisement, they will be able to place a liquor order through a few third-party platforms. As shopper’s checkout they can input their age and credit card information which the third-party platforms will have instead of Patrón, according to Adweek. So far, the social media delivery service is available in 48 states.

This isn’t the first time Patrón has used innovative technology and trends to boost their companies marketing strategies. Over the last few years, the tequila brand has experimented with social media campaigns, Amazon Alexa, augmented reality and a variety of bots. However, most of their innovative projects haven’t involved social media commerce.

In the spring of 2019, Instagram had expanded its position as a commerce business by adding a checkout feature to posts and stories. Instagram users can even leave their checkout information with the app in order to make the checkout process easier after their first purchase through the app. On posts that feature eligible items to shop will include a blue “Checkout on Instagram” button on the bottom of the post.

Most of the early business partnerships for Instagram sales have featured retail and beauty products. However, Patrón’s partnership with social media commerce agency MikMak could prove to open new doors for liquor brands and other business markets. According to Adweek, the success of the advertisements will be based on the number of clicks, purchase intent and conversion rate. MikMak has helped create content for the brand that will emphasize the Patrón experience and products.

Based on a Klear report in Mobile Marketer, Instagram stories now account for 1 in 3 sponsored Instagram posts in 2018. The biggest demographic that these social advertisements are appealing to are Gen Z who are most likely to purchase products through Instagram. If social media liquor advertisements prove to be successful, then liquor brands will have the opportunity to target younger consumers directly to drive sales.

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