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Exploring Our New Digital Frontier

Curating your community is king.

The digital space has shifted dramatically in the last month, with social media taking center stage. With 3.81 billion active social media users, the opportunity for amplification of your brand has never been more important. Let us help you leverage this opportunity.

With 5.16 billion mobile users, it comes to no surprise that time spent on social media has significantly increased as people are finding ways to connect isolation. Facebook has witnessed twice the usual level of calls made via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in the days since European lockdowns. These upticks in traffic have also been seen on Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit, with “…20-50% in traffic to subreddits related to business, finance, news, education, travel, and sports.”

Video calling is certainly what is driving the use of social media. As reported on We Are Social’s Report: “There’s a real likelihood that many of the social media habits that people have formed in recent weeks will outlast the pandemic, and a move to more ‘face-to-face’ digital interactions may be an important legacy of coronavirus lockdowns on the world’s social media behaviors.”

With over 2 billion people on Facebook, advertisers are grasping this opportunity to target at a larger scale. As noted by We Are Social, “Facebook’s ad planning tools indicate that users have been clicking on more adverts on the platform in recent weeks compared to the end of 2019…” With women more likely to click, and younger generations more likely to ignore ads. However, as engagement rose by 1% during the pandemic, that means even if users don’t click on the ad, they still engage with the post.

Brands are not expected to stop advertising, but they must adapt to an empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive message. Tutorials and how-to videos are some of the top content consumers want of during the COVID-19 pandemic and are a compelling opportunity for B2B brands especially.

Organic social has increased as well, and as we’ve recently outlined on our blog, paid cannot exist without organic posts. Post likes have declined slightly, but commenting has increased over recent weeks. This opens up the opportunity to engage with your fans and followers through community management, a service Mochee provides.

As we continue to battle with the economic impact of lockdowns and dwindling advertising budgets, Mochee has the expertise for cost-efficient strategies with an emphasis on organic social and distribution. This pandemic has led us to pivot quickly and take into account what users crave and want from a brand: a thoughtful approach to our new normal, without sacrificing the needs of your business.


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