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Instagram Features to Look Out For

Instagram has made so many changes and updates since the beginning of the year and just recently they announced new features to look forward to. Here are a few we’re excited about!

Instagram Guides

Instagram originally intended to create Guides for the travel industry, but they ultimately decided that it was best to focus on wellness and provide resources for people in need during these times. Think of it as a blog or a post with a lengthy caption, this feature will make it easy for you to follow through in the app and share with your friends.

Instagram Shops

Facebook will now allow small businesses to showcase and build online stores on Instagram. Mark Zuckerburg stated, “This is the biggest step we’ve taken yet to enable commerce across our family of apps.” Brands will be able to customize their online shop and customers will have a more streamlined experience when they shop directly from Instagram. In the press release, Facebook also stated consumers will be able to “browse selections from your favorite brands and creators, filter by categories like beauty and home, and purchase the looks you love all in one place.” 
That’s not all of the new shopping features. From February to March, there’s been a 70% increase in Live views. Soon they’ll be releasing IG Live Shopping so now you can purchase items while watching a brand’s Live.


Much like YouTube where creators can monetize their videos, Instagram has been testing out this feature for IGTV. Sephora, IKEA, and Puma are amongst the first brands to launch IGTV Ads. Creators who monetize their videos will receive a 55% share of all advertising, which is the industry standard.


Creators will soon be able to take advantage of another stream of revenue. With badges on Instagram Live, viewers can purchase a badge from $0.99 to $4.99 in 3 different levels. When viewers purchase a badge, it allows the host to see who is supporting them. This feature will come in handy for fitness influencers, DJs, and many more users who have been hosting Live events and are accepting donations.

Green Screen Effect

Quarantine has had us very stationary, but Instagram has been working on a Green Screen Instagram filter so now we can be wherever we want in the world.

AR Filters 

Bring your photos and videos to life an apply AR filters to media from your camera roll. “We think this latest capability opens up fun, new ways for people to use AR effects to express themselves and reclaim meaningful or otherwise missed moments.” 

These new Instagram features will change the way brands showcase themselves on social media even more. Which ones are you most looking forward to?


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