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Instagram Reels: One week after launching!

This fun and engaging video feature is another way to record original content and edit 15-second videos with entertaining audio. Instagram Reels could potentially prove to be bigger than Instagram Stories if users respond similar to TikTok. 

Features & Effects

Creating an Instagram Reel is quite simple and familiar to TikTok users. After clicking the Reels icon in the Instagram camera menu, you can access a lot of audio options and features. When you upload or record a video, try adjusting the speed or adding video effects and AR filters. Instagram created a gallery of Reel effects users can apply to their videos based on different categories. The top categories being used now include: camera styles, color & light, love, appearance, animals, games and more. 

Similar to TikTok, if you come across an Instagram Reel you like, you can tap the music or audio and select use audio. This is a great feature for companies and influencers seeking to grow their brand audience and reach by jumping on trending challenges and songs. Reels will not only show up on the Reels explore page of non-followers, they will also have a bigger chance of going viral.

Instagram Reels for Businesses

With fun being the main objective, companies and influencers are already using Instagram Reels to add a more relatable approach to the products or services they promote. Companies and influencers that questioned whether joining TikTok was necessary are now already making entertaining Instagram Reels on a platform they are familiar with. As some users are still adjusting to the latest addition, now would be the perfect time to join in on the action. Take this opportunity to grow your brand community and engagement before algorithms are in place and there’s more competition.

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