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Pinterest Announces Inclusive Product Updates

Pinterest is used by millions of people around the world for inspiration, especially for beauty products and techniques. As Pinterest becomes more shoppable, they announced inclusive product updates to skin tone ranges as well as new brands to shop and try on lipsticks through “AR Try on”. These updates are a huge step in increasing the discoverability of products and tutorials for specific skin tones, styles, and preferences. 

Their inclusive beauty results feature, Skin Tone Ranges, available in the U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The quality of the feature, Skin Tone Ranges has improved significantly; Pinterest’s skin tone signal is now 3x as likely to detect more than one skin tone range in top search results, when being compared to their older technology. The number of beauty and fashion Pins where there is a skin tone visible has quadrupled as a result of this improvement.

Also, Pinterest’s unique augmented reality feature lets customers customize their try-ons through Skin Tone Ranges. This makes it much easier for potential buyers to try on the products resulting in higher conversion. The shoppable lipstick try on feature has over 10,000 shoppable shades with products from various popular cosmetic brands.

AR Try on for lipstick shades

These improvements not only help cosmetic companies increase brand awareness and sales but also gives a more personalized shopping experience to shoppers while allowing people of all skin tones to enjoy and utilize this ground-breaking technology. 

“Pinterest is the home of inspiration, but it’s hard to be inspired if you don’t feel represented. We’re making each person’s Pinterest experience more relevant to them through new technology and ways to control the beauty results they see. With these updates, Pinterest is becoming a more inclusive place to discover and shop for beauty ideas. No one should have to work extra hard to uncover personalized ideas, and all should feel welcome. A more diverse Pinterest is a more useful, positive and powerful one.” — Annie Ta, Pinterest Product Manager

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