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Two Heads are Better Than One

Get to know one of our Co-Founders

The executive director is the one who is at the head of a company; its figure represents the highest level of leadership. Therefore, it is essential this person is prepared for such a responsibility, and I’m glad to say that Mochee’s co-founder and CEO, Alejandra Pimenta, is more than fit for the position.

Alejandra Pimenta

As a former creative writer for Ocean Drive Magazine, Alejandra lives by the words said by her father, “Just figure it out,” to solve every problem she’s been involved in. This mindset allowed her to join forces with her friend and now co-founder, Amy Dang-Stojanovic, to found one of the very first social media management companies in Miami at Amy’s guest room. They both saw the potential of social media and took full advantage.

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In the beginning, it was harder to convince clients their business was the future, and many times the questions they would receive were: “How is this going to work for me?”, “Do I really need it?”, “Who am I even talking to on social media?” and today, here we are with all the companies wishing they had a strong presence in all social media platforms. The question changed to “How are we rolling this out on social media?”. Interesting to see how both co-founders were visionaries in this matter and brave enough to start a company and invest all their efforts in something uncertain. Talk about trusting your gut!

It’s been 10 years since the founding of Mochee Social Inc., and even though the social media market is now oversaturated, their early start allowed them to establish credibility and a large client list with over 60 brands. With so much experience, the main takeaways from Alejandra throughout the years are:


“Get organized. Figure out what you need to learn and who’s going to be your support group”. She extols the importance of having a support group when growing your business because they will aid with connections and possible clients.


“Just rip the Band-Aid off and do it. Because there’s never going to be a good or bad time”. Maybe you’re hoping to have more money, maybe you want to have more knowledge, or maybe you want more time. But Alejandra lets you in on a secret: that perfect moment will never come. When you have the money, you will wish you had more time; when you have more time, you wish you had more knowledge; and so on. Start now!


“Just kind of do it…trust your gut. It’s going to tell you yes or no”. Alejandra’s strong belief in what her gut tells her got Mochee to where they are today. If you have a feeling that a possible client is not a good fit, then don’t go for it.


One can’t envision the future, but when you believe in something and are willing to do everything it takes to make it happen, then it is very possible. Alejandra’s father’s wise words, “Just figure it out,” helped shape who she is today and allowed her never to give up. Whenever a problem arises, she breaks it up into pieces and, starting with step one, figures that out and goes to the next one. As a mom, she now finds herself repeating the same advice to her kids and to her employees at Mochee to establish a strong and hopeful culture.

Mochee Social Media Agency team at photoshoot

Alejandra Pimienta on her mantra and more

Co-founder Alejandra Pimenta, was recently featured in “Generation Si”. She talks about the mantra her dad instilled in her from a young age and how it impacted the way she conducts herself in the emerging social media business. The mantra? “Just figure it out”. The truth is, there was no guidebook or university course that could have prepared Alex for the Mochee ride she’s on.  

Can you elaborate on the inspirational quote, “Just figure it out”? 

“To this day, we still figure it out every day. That’s especially true when the problem or task seems overwhelming. Break it up into pieces and, then, figure it out that way… Start with step one. Figure that out and go to the next one. As a mom, I now find myself repeating the same advice to my kids.”

What advice do you have for someone who is trying to break into the social media industry?

“Get organized. Figure out what you need to learn and who’s going to be your support group, especially because those are the people that are going to give you your first referrals, your first connections.”

What would you tell someone who is waiting for the moment to start a business?

“Just rip the Band-Aid off and do it. Because there’s never going to be a good or bad time if you look at the pros and cons. It’s always going to be a good time, or it’s always going to be a bad time. Just kind of do it… trust your gut. It’s going to tell you yes or no.”

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