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Social Media Activities Performed by US Social Media Users

Mochee is always on the lookout for the latest social media statistics! eMarketer released a Social Media Activity chart showing how users are engaging with content on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. When it comes to social media, nothing ever stays the same. As each app updates and adds new features, user habits and behaviors are affected. Although users still show preference to pictures on every platform, the distribution of video content across each platform is constantly growing as more users are watching videos. Facebook users for example love to be entertained. Viral videos on Facebook are known to populate millions of views and shares. Sharing numbers have also increased on Instagram as they allow users to share photos and videos to their stories and direct messages. Pinterest on the other hand is still the leading social site for finding/shopping for products. This came as no surprise to Mochee. Instagram and Facebook’s numbers for finding/shopping for products may increase with new features such as: Facebook’s new live video mode for sellers, Instagram’s new shopping collection feature, and Instagram’s checkout feature. All in all, this eMarketer report is very helpful when dispersing content across multiple social media platforms for clients. Although Mochee’s social strategy is very familiar with how users are engaging with their client’s content, statistics such as these ensure we are on the right track. Does your social media usage reflect the eMarketer’s results? Get more details on eMarketer’s chart here.

Reddit to Cross $100 Million in Ad Revenues in 2019

eMarketer has released great news for advertisers seeking to place ads on Reddit. According to eMarketer, Reddit is on track to more than double their ad revenues by 2021. If you’re unaware, Reddit is the Front Page of the internet giving advertisers access to new audiences on a daily basis. Visitors also benefit greatly by having access to multiple platforms on one website. Why go from app to app when you have Reddit? With easy access to all things social, Reddit’s users and visitors are highly engaged driving more advertisers to the site. Read more about Reddit’s potential revenue growth Here.

Mochee’s guide to IGTV

In 2019, the social media forecast continues to be particularly prevalent for mobile video, and with an array of platforms, IGTV is a major player. Instagram’s longer-form video platform should be a key element in your social media strategy as it represents a new opportunity for brands to become closer with their audiences. Mochee has used IGTV for many of our clients with bigger audiences, including Miami Marathon and Brightline. We use IGTV to engage with current audience members and to promote upcoming events and services. Not only is IGTV a fun way to keep up with their latest news, but also allows our clients to build up a stronger social media presence, maximize their reach, and make the most effective use of their content. We came up with a complete guide that is worth taking a look at if you want to know everything about Instagram’s new phenomenon. What is IGTV?Similar to Instagram Stories, IGTV is a new feature for sharing long-format videos that live in your IGTV channel and can be up to an hour long, (only for verified and or big accounts).How does it work?Videos will show up automatically based on your interests and the people you follow.Inside the platform, you have 4 categories: For you, Following, Popular and Continue Watching. How to use IGTV?1 – Download the IGTV app2 – Create a channel – Only one IGTV channel can be created per Instagram account as every IGTV account links back to a corresponding Instagram account. 3- Film, edit, and uploadYou can’t film within the app; therefore, you need to upload previously recorded vertical footage.4 – Add a cover image – Just like when posting any video, the first frame will be the video’s cover photo by default. However, you can replace it with a different frame from the video or by uploading an image from your phone. Make sure to pick an eye-catching cover image for your IGTV videos. 5- Make sure to add a title and a brief engaging description about your video. Don’t forget to include a list of relevant hashtags to maximize visibility and reach more people. Here are some video aspects you need to know before picking up the camera.Orientation: PortraitLength: 15 secs, 10 mins or 1 hour for verified accountsCall to action: Swipe upFile size: 3.6GB MaxFile Type: MP4Video size: 9:16Custom Thumbnail: JPG Now that you’re ready to use IGTV and expand your social media strategy, don’t forget to cross promote you IGVT videos in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram stories.

Instagram is Testing Profile Changes for Both Regular and Business Users

Before Thanksgiving break, Instagram announced it is currently testing different profile formats for both business and regular users.

However, not everyone will be seeing the same changes or at least not until the final design is chosen.
The way Instagram explained it:
“Over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which we hope will make profiles easier and cleaner to use. The photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change.”
Instead of testing it with a small group of people before launch, they seem to be doing A/B testing, making profile variations in the live environment.
These are some of the changes to look out for:
Profile pictures shifted to the right while the number of followers and people being followed are smaller and moved to the bottom.

Also, instead of having ‘Follow’ as the only CTA on the profile, Instagram is adding quick link options for ‘Message’ here, and for ‘email’ in another variation.

Another very potential feature is a variation where Instagram puts the number of mutual followers larger at the top next to the followers and following. This would help users see how they are linked to others in their own network.


How is this beneficial to business profiles?
 By checking in on which followers follow certain profiles, businesses will have a better understanding of related interests.This could be beneficial to planning potential collaborations, or on targeting content based on related subjects/profiles.

These are some of the tabs that would potentially be very helpful for businesses.

The ‘shop’ option is related to Instagram’s renewed on-platform shopping push, but there are other quick link options worth taking advantage of.

Its likely that not all the changes will make it through the test phase, but knowing about these possible changes will be helpful to marketers and the Mochee’s as we continue to brainstorm for our clients.

Keep an eye on Instagram’s updates these next few weeks.

Based on an article by Social Media Today






Instagram will be introducing more shopping options for the holidays

Instagram has developed shopping tags and expanded them to Instagram stories, but for the holiday season Instagram has three more shopping tools.
This would be helping businesses capitalize on buyer intent and interest. There are 500 million daily active users and 80 percent of them follow at least one business account.
These are some of the features Instagram will announce:
Shopping Collections
There will be a new section in profile where you can save tags of products you’re interested in.

This is how Instagram explained it:
“Now when you come across a must-have item, save it to your Shopping collection to revisit it later. When you tap a product tag in Stories or Feed, tap the Save icon in the bottom right corner to save it to your Shopping collection. Just like existing collections, you can access your Shopping collection from your profile. It’s an easy way to keep your wish list up-to-date and store creative gift ideas for the holidays.”
This is the same as the ‘save’ feature Instagram currently has but with a focus on shopping.

However instead of saving the post it, it would be saving the product tag itself.  Saving the actual product tags would build potential of the tag feature, consequently boosting brand potential to take-up the tool.
Shop on business profiles
Instagram is also adding a “shop” tab to business profiles. Users will have the chance to browse all the items on the shopping tag enabled posts.

This will make it easier for users to checkout products instead of having to scroll through all the brand posts to find what they’re looking for.

Shopping tags in videos
They’re not actual tags but they will use the same principles where Instagram will allow businesses to include a listing of their products that are featured on the videos they post.”When you see a video in Feed from a brand you follow, tap the shopping icon in the bottom left corner to reveal the featured products and learn more about them.”

 It plays the same function as the shopping tags but since there is no capacity to tag a moving object, the items would be listed under the video instead.

Whether they’re just features for the holidays or a permanent development for 2019 its worth nothing the growth of shopping opportunities on the platform.

Based on article from Social Media Today.



Downtown Dadeland Sells for $78 Million

On the list of Miami’s premier lifestyle centers, you’ll find our long-time client Downtown Dadeland. Home to a lineup of chef-driven restaurants including Ghee Indian Kitchen, Pubbelly Sushi, Harry’s Pizza, The Brick, and Barley, Downtown Dadeland has cemented itself as a dining destination. When Mochee began working with the center four years ago, its tenant list was short. Now, the 126,000 square feet of retail space is 97% leased by the likes of the aforementioned restaurants, Orange Theory Fitness, West Elm, Pasión del Cielo, and more. Capital Partners recently purchased Downtown Dadeland for $78.2 million, doubling its $39 million price tag back in 2014.

Much of Downtown Dadeland’s increase in value can be attributed to its steadily growing online presence. Mochee’s work has helped the center become a place people talk about on their feeds and visit on the weekends. We work closely with the stores and restaurants to coordinate and execute social activations like Facebook Lives, giveaways, contests, Instagram Takeovers, and more.

Through our social strategy, we’ve been able to garner millions of impressions and upwards of 32,000 fans across platforms. The results of our work demonstrate how much can be achieved through a personalized social strategy, even with a limited scope and minimal advertising budget.


How are Instagram Stories Performing for brands and businesses heading into 2019?

Buffer and Delmodo, the Facebook and Instagram media solutions partner, analyzed 15,000 Instagram stories from 200 of the world’s top brands. This was one of the largest Instagram stories research studies since the first launch to Instagram story analytics in summer 2017.
Key findings:
One to seven stories are the optimal for posting length.
This was calculated through the completion rate: determined by calculating the number of times your stories were watched from the first frame all the way to the last in a 24hr period.

It is still important to experiment and see what works best for a specific brand or business. Top accounts that post 20 or more stories still see 55% greater completion rates, which emphasizes how engaging stories are.
The best times to post Instagram stories is outside of work hours.
It was found more people watched early morning, early evening and exactly at midday, times people are usually not in work, including lunch breaks and when they leave the office.
Best times to post:
4 am-6am ET

8 am-10am ET

12pm-2pm ET

8pm-10pm ET

More Content leads to greater median reach and impressions.
Since stories disappear in 24hrs that gives more room for fresh content. The actual feed only has a certain number of pictures it will show at a time which means it is harder for one company or brand to post a large amount of picture consecutively.
Instagram stories research benchmarks for specific verticals.
The industry verticals are described in these criteria:

Brand: consumer related products
Entertainment: TV and movies
Media: newspapers, news organizations, and news websites
Sports: Sports, eSport teams, leagues, and events

All four verticals see 65% or greater average completing rate with Instagram stories. The average reach and impressions rate is 5.82 for all verticals. For the average posting frequency per month most verticals post between 8 and 10 days per month. We are not at a point where brands are posting daily to Instagram stories
Best practices for posting Instagram Stories

Post your best stories content first
Post consistently for stories
Calculate your own data

The Guardian found their stories with simple static graphics and quick explainer videos outperformed their videos that were produced professionally.

It’s important to keep a close eye on your completion rate, reach and impressions, exit rates according to story form, stories post timing, and stories length among other important elements.

Simplicity is important, this means there is better response to using a background image to quickly tell a story, adding a short copy to convey your story, and decorating with minimal graphics and logos.

To read more about these findings visit,


Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 State of Social Video Report

Consumer and Marketer Trends report shows video is one of the fundamental elements in social media marketing.
The report by surveyed 1000 consumers and 500 marketers to help analyze how video is influencing purchaser behavior.

This was meant to help understand if marketers are actually keeping up with the constant changes and increase in “video-first landscape.”

The top three challenges marketers face when creating a video is that it’s time consuming, the tools and software can be complicated, and sometimes video is out of their budget. That is why 84% of marketers rank video creation skills important when hiring for a marketing position.

The survey showed 93% of businesses gained new customers due to video on social media. Also, 88% of marketers are satisfied with the return on marketing investment of the actual video efforts, which emphasizes the importance of video as an element of marketing.

The social media ROI showed 63% of marketers ranked video as their #1 or #2 as the type of content that gets the best return when investing in social media marketing.

The report by Animoto also showed the top three platforms for video marketing were Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

On Facebook, 81% of marketers put ads against video. On Instagram 74% of marketers posted at least two videos on Instagram stories a month. On YouTube, 70% of marketers post video to boost their brand’s social media presence.

Video content as a marketing technique has become so important due to consumers great response to it. 73% of marketers are creating at least two videos a month for social media marketing.

When comparing video, photo/graphics, blog posts, and infographics, video was the one with the #1 Social media ROI.




Now Instagram Users can see Merchandise on Instagram Stories and Purchase Them too

On Monday, September 17th, Instagram announced that users can now purchase items directly from Instagram Stories and the Explore tab.

According to CNBC markets, the app company began to test shopping in stories in June and now the feature is available for businesses in up to 46 countries.

This new feature will let users tap on the items they like on their story and this will reveal additional details including price and the link to purchase the item.

Instagram stated that 90 million users already tap photos to see the details on shopping posts.

Shopping will also be available on Instagram’s explore channel beginning Monday. This feature will only be available in select locations for now but the company hopes to launch it globally in the next few weeks.

This channel is meant to be personalized with the brands that the user follows and with the brands Instagram recommends according to interests.

In a statement Instagram said:
“Shopping is more than an errand – it’s also about what you discover along the way. For many people on Instagram, shopping is an entertaining way to get inspired and connect with new and interesting brands”
Instagram will continue to test new features that can make their app the best place to find inspiration and shop favorite brands. We’re big fans of this new feature at Mochee but our wallets are a bit apprehensive!



What You Need to Know About Instagram Building an App just for Shopping

Last Tuesday, The Verge reported Instagram is working on a shopping app. Nothing has been officially announced, but two people familiar with the matter say it would let people purchase directly on the app. It may be called IG Shopping.
According to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, more than 25 million businesses already have Instagram accounts and 2 million are advertisers. Also, four in five Instagram users follow at least one business on Instagram.
This means the amount of time people use looking at an Instagram feed and the amount people they follow can be used to bring revenue to the businesses showing their products.
Facebook has been working on ways to help merchants increase their revenue by making tools for businesses trying to advertise their products on Instagram.
There are companies like Four Sixty and Shopify already giving advertisers the tools to sell products within Instagram. They help with things like making photos on Instagram feeds shoppable.

CEO of FourSixty Michael Chancula says:
“It’s not just about great visuals, you have to create an identity and learn from what your competitors are doing. There are no limits to how powerful Instagram can be for your brand. Instagram has been responsible for helping launch some of the best eCommerce brands in the world.”
The Verge reports Instagram started testing shopping features in November of 2016 and slowly became more wildly accessed by March of the following year.

IGTV was introduced last June and Instagram also hopes to release a feature that lets people purchase things from stories. We’ll continue to monitor the access to the new app and how our clients can take advantage of this powerful tool!