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What you can’t miss at #MiamiBookFair2016 Street Fair Weekend.

The Mochees wait all year long for the Miami Book Fair. Taking place every November, we need all hands on deck (plus a few extras) to cover all of the amazing, exciting literary events the Fair hosts each and every year, for the past 33 years. Though the Fair runs for an entire week, we, along with the rest of South Florida, really look forward to the last weekend also known as Street Fair Weekend. From November 18th to November 20th, the Miami-Dade College Downtown Wolfson Campus transforms into a sea of colored tent tops featuring books for sale, artwork, food, beer, merchandise, and more. A true celebration of books, authors, readers, music, cooking, ideas, and community, The Miami Book Fair is a not-to-be-missed Miami institution!

Here’s the Mochee’s top picks for Street Fair Weekend:

Friday, November 18th

Make your own notebook with Wynwood Letterpress 
An Evening with the National Book Awards Nominees 
Lip Service Presents: True Stories, Out Loud

Saturday, November 19th

The Property Brothers, Live! 
Award-Winning Readings: National Book Award Nominees: Nonfiction
NYT’s Pamela Paul, By the Book, Live! 
An Afternoon with Dave Barry
Delicious Dish: Padman Lakshmi and Ben Greenman in Conversation 
6 Words Miami Improv

Sunday, November 20th

Colson Whitehead in Conversation with Leigh Haber
New Translations of Pablo Neruda 
The Hilfigers: A Father and Daughter Talk Life, Love and Success
The Working Poet Radio Show: Great American Comics

Which of these sounds interesting to you? Find tickets, times, and information for these and the hundreds of other events going on at

We hope to see you there!



Mochee Helps Launch Hyatt Centric French Quarter

Known for it’s flavors, sights, and sounds, New Orleans is one of the most social media-friendly cities out there! Pair this with a personal fascination in the Mochee office and you can understand why we were so excited to work with the newest addition to the Hyatt Centric lineup, Hyatt Centric French Quarter.

Mochee was brought on board to help the original Hyatt French Quarter transition into a Hyatt Centric property. Centric is Hyatt’s answer to the new breed of wanderlust lover. The brand encourages guests to get out and go, live like a local, and fully immerse themselves in the culture of a city. Drybar hair tools, colorful bikes, and pet friendly rooms make Centric stand out as the go-to getaway for the “modern traveler.” With Instagram-worthy food on every corner and streets you could wander for days, Hyatt French Quarter is the perfect fit for the Hyatt Centric family.

Mochee 2.0 hit the ground running and headed to NOLA for a three-day photo shoot at the hotel. The first part of the shoot included highlighting the things that made us fall in love with the hotel. Sleeping in late wrapped in crisp, cozy white sheets, enjoying afternoon sun on the balcony, and unwinding with a cocktail in the hotel bar. Then we tackled what made us fall in love with the location. Standing under the famous Bourbon Street sign, wandering through Jackson Square, and of course eating our way through the city’s favorite hot spots.


Next we headed home to write content introducing new and former guests to the Hyatt Centric brand. With a combination of social media photography and locally sourced content, Mochee helped to officially launch Hyatt Centric French Quarter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The result of the launch is a social media presence that looks and feels like the historic destination while appealing to the sense of adventure and freedom in the modern traveler. Want to see more from Hyatt Centric French Quarter? Follow them here:





How Miami Community Organizations Can Support Each Other Using Social Media

This week Mochee hosted a special Lunch & Learn event at Café Books & Books Arsht Center. We’re often asked to do social media trainings and this time we wanted to evolve the concept. As the social media agency for many large Miami institutions like Books & Books, Miami Book Fair, Chapman Partnership, etc. we frequently get requests to post other community events and information. Collectively, just these three companies alone have over 155,000 fans and followers, so the strategy provides wide exposure. While our clients are always happy to help out other community initiatives, we wanted to create a forum to collaborate with other organizations on how to reciprocate the support and be more creative with content.

During the luncheon we discussed tactics including co-hosted Twitter chats, Facebook Live interviews, Instagram Story takeovers, Snapchat geo-filters and sharing Facebook events. These resources create unique content for social media accounts and are a free mechanism to co-promote upcoming events and campaigns. It also leverages each account to reach new potential engaged users.

We were thrilled with the turnout that included key marketing staff from the Arsht Center, Americans for Immigrant Justice, Miami University of Art & Design, and the Coral Gables Museum, among others. Together the group brainstormed upcoming initiatives and ways to cross promote through social media. Stay tuned for some great initiatives! As Mochee continues to manage many organizations throughout the community, please feel free to reach out if you have company initiatives that you’d like to partner with through social media.

– Amy Stojanovic


Mochee Teams Up with the U.S. State Department

Mochee was honored to launch a full social media campaign in September for the U.S. State Department’s Passport Awareness Month efforts. The campaign, dubbed #PicturePerfectPassport, aimed to educate followers on what exactly makes an ideal passport photo. Can you wear a military uniform in your photo? Can your baby be sitting in a stroller? Mochee set out to answer all of these questions and more.

The campaign began with a need for sample passport photos. Mochee cast over 20 models and began shooting acceptable photos that would be approved by the Passport Agency as well as photos with the most common mistakes that they encounter. From there the content grew to include graphics, video, gifs and posts written specifically for the @travelgov Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Over five days of shooting and writing, Mochee developed a well-rounded campaign that would show viewers just how easy it is to snap your own passport photo. The basic takeaways? Stand in front of a plain white wall, keep your smile neutral, don’t cover your face with clothing or hair, and give yourself at least an hour to get a solid photo of anyone under the age of 5!

The Passport Agency’s ultimate goal is for all eligible U.S. residents to have a valid, up-to-date passport. The #PicturePerfectPassport campaign is one piece of puzzle. 

The opportunity allowed Mochee 2.0 the chance to work with a government agency for the first time and to see a successful campaign play out on social media from start to finish, an experience we never tire of! The #PicturePerfectPassport video reached over 13,000 viewers in the first three weeks and the content has proved engaging across all platforms. Follow @travelgov and Mochee to see more!

Watch the #PicturePerfectPassport VIDEO.


#6 Words Miami

Traditionally, writers are told that every story needs a distinct setting, plot, storyline, developed characters, and so much more. Miami Book Fair and WRLN are bending those rules. They’re presenting you with a seemingly simple challenge: write a story about South Florida. Sounds easy enough, right? You work here, you live here, you know everything there is to know about the Magic City. So writing about your experiences should flow out of you like champagne flows at LIV. But there’s a catch, your South Florida story can only be six words long. Still sound easy? You’d be surprised how difficult it is for even the most experienced authors to pen an engaging narrative with less than a sentence!

“What’s the prize?” you ask? Well, the best stories will be incorporated into an event during Miami Book Fair 2016 with improv group Villain Theater. Masters of improv will use the winning stories as inspiration for their comedy sketches at the Fair. There’s a couple different ways you can submit your super short story for your chance to win. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the #6WordsMiami, or fill out the simple form via WLRN here:

So what will you choose to write about? The unbearable traffic, the mouthwatering food, or how South Florida has a culture all its own. How much SoFla can you fit into only 6 words?


Navigating Instagram’s Summer 2016 Updates

Instagram has rolled out a succession of updates recently and they just keep appearing. For its more than half a billion (nope not a typo) users some of these have thrown them into a serious loop. Here are the top things you need to know about the apps new features:

Algorithm Driven Feed: Posts no longer appear in chronological order. Instead, Instagram’s algorithm determines which posts you would most like to see and displays those first in your feed. The order is based a lot in your engagements with the specific account, so if you want to see your best friend’s posts, start liking and commenting!

Ads: More and more ads are appearing in our newsfeeds as Instagram opens up their advertising to not just big companies, but any willing to spend money, much like newsfeed Facebook ads. Made to emulate real Instagram photo styles, these ads are specially designed content created to grab user attention.

Instagram Stories: With a pretty direct challenge to Snapchat, Instagram released a new story feature so users can post short photos or videos complete with text and stickers. Stories appear at the top of the home feed, or tap an account’s profile image to view. We’re excited to use this for client events and behind-the-scenes looks! New aspects of stories have slowly continued to roll out. The latest update is the ability to mute stories of some accounts you follow and to easily save your own story posts to your camera roll. P.S., if your Instagram account is public, your story is too.

Business Profiles: Created for users managing a business feed, the most important aspect of this feature for the general public is the contact button. Businesses can input their phone number or email, so customers can get in touch directly from the app. For the account manager, the update includes the option to promote posts and to see analytics. This is the first time Instagram has shown users how many people are actually seeing their posts, as well as at what time of day and what day of the week.

Zoom: Ever look at a group picture on Instagram and want to zoom in on the faces? Now you can. Instagram has launched a new zoom feature enabling users to use two fingers to enlarge a portion of the image. All those ‘Can you spot the XYZ’ photos are about to get a lot more complicated.

Now we wait to see what other features they roll out – hopefully we’ll be able to see analytics on the computer, not just our phones.


Giveaways as a Way to Promote Facebook Engagement

Facebook giveaways can be great tools to encourage post engagement and generate buzz about a specific topic or client. The opportunity to win attracts entrants, driving traffic to the Facebook page where they are exposed to the company’s key messaging.

Recently Mochee hosted a giveaway for Tower Theater Miami, offering entrants the chance to win two tickets to an upcoming showing of their choosing. The giveaway was held during Miami Film Month, capitalizing on the added press for small theaters in the Miami area. A primary goal of the campaign was to promote awareness of the variety of films showing at Tower Theater.

Mochee targeted users most likely to visit the theater by using an advertising budget to promote the post to a selective audience of Facebook users interested in film and located in the Miami area. Two separate posts during the week asked users to share their favorite movie seen at Tower Theater.

Mochee gathered more than 30 viable entries in this initial contest, an engagement rate far above that of the average Tower Theater Facebook post. From those entrants, 15 winners were randomly chosen. The giveaway provided us with feedback about which films people are enjoying most, as well as built buzz around the films currently playing, two goals the client wished to accomplish.

Facebook analytics enabled us to determine other measurable successes, including how many link clicks to the website and Facebook page likes came as a direct result of the giveaway posts.

In all, Mochee and Tower Theater Miami concluded that giveaways with a specific and easy call to action can be used as a tool to increase both engagement and awareness on social media.







Might a new app dethrone Snapchat?

Have you ever found yourself swiping left on Snapchat trying to find more and more filters? It is unfortunately true, one cannot get enough of those crazy addictive filters. One can never get the perfect selfie. Snapchat however makes things easier, adding cute dog ears, pretty flower crowns, wobbly eyes, and even the mysterious filter of the week, which we can all accept is a fan-favorite especially when they feature either the butterfly crown or the wannabe Bratz Doll.

However, there might be a new selfie king in town, and it might just dethrone good old Snapchat himself. All hail, “Snow”, a Korean knockoff version created by a company known as Naver. Snow basically replicates Snapchat’s filters, but in an amazing maybe even better way. This app is similar to Snapchat in the sense that it takes your selfie and adds whichever filter you desire, but the point here is not just spreading the cool photo, but the art of the selfie itself, offering more filters than Snapchat could ever imagine.

Of course you can share your amazingly unique filter with your friends, but since the app is not that famous (yet), you can do it by exporting the photo to your camera roll, or by sharing it to either Facebook or Instagram.

Quite honestly, it’s hilarious, offering a wide array of crazy filters Snapchat hasn’t even come close to yet. For example, a Koala eating its food, flawless hairstyles, unicorn hair & makeup, old grandma having tea, cute cat graffiti, and a tree, yes a tree filter. Apart from these fascinating filters, Snow also features GIF making, and a 72-hour story, because who can fit everything into 24 hours?

According to its creators, Snow was not intended as a social media device, more so as an alternative to those wacky Snapchat filters that are not available to everyone, e.g.: China. So it’s all about fun. Plus, the app is totally free for now.

We’ll see what the verdict here at Mochee is, and the fate of the Snapchat King will soon be revealed.

Till later, Donatela.


Mochee Rundown: Snapchat Filters

If you took a poll among the Mochees for favorite social media platform, Snapchat would be at the top of our list. We love all of its fun and unique features like stickers and slow-mo, and we’re obsessed with their ever-changing facemasks.

***pro tip: using Snapchat masks on babies is a sure fire way to get a picture of them looking straight at the camera. They might have Dalmatian ears and a long tongue, but whatever**

Aside from Mochee personal use, the social media industry is still experimenting with the most effective ways to utilize the app for business use. Huge corporations like MTV and ESPM have their own native channels on Snapchat that are updated daily with their own content, but how can small, local businesses benefit from live sharing on Snapchat?

Mochee has the answer: On Demand Snapchat filters!

If you’ve used Snapchat before, you’ve noticed the location that filters that conveniently show up when you’re snapping at any location around the city, on a university campus, or at a local landmark. These are called Community Geofilters. Artists and designers are encouraged to created these filters and upload them to Snapchat. Upon approval, they go live to be used by everyone in that location. These filters do not allow brand logos, and are not available for purchase.

On the other hand, Snapchat offers On Demand filters. Similar to Community Geofilters, On Demand filters will automatically show up as an option when snapping from a certain location. Unlike Community Geofilters, businesses and individuals can design, upload, and purchase an On Demand filter for a specific event at a specific location. Brand logos and trademarks are allowed, making it the perfect way for local businesses to leverage their customers’ use of Snapchat.

Snapchat offers a couple different ways to do this. You have the option to create your own filter from scratch using simple, Snapchat-provided templates for Photoshop and Illustrator (aka what the talented, graphic design inclined Mochees do) OR you can use Snapchat’s new “create online” option, perfect for those with little to no design skills. Currently, Snapchat offers multiple templates for birthdays, weddings, and general celebrations. These templates are remarkable easy to customize by altering the colors, text, and font.

After uploading it, Snapchat approves it within a day, unless they don’t, in which case they’ll explain why. Next, you draw your “Geofence” around the exact area you want your filter to cover. Snapchat shows you this on a Google Maps interface, so it practically finds the location for you. Finally, you choose the date range and time that your filter will be active, Snapchat shows you the price and voilà!

Believe us when we say, dealing with social media platforms directly for advertising or troubleshooting isn’t always the easiest thing. Snapchat makes this submission process really easy. And we think these On Demand Geofilters are very reasonably priced with how customizable and cool they are.

Once your event is over, Snapchat even provides you with simple analytics showing how many people used the filter, and how many people saw the filter. We recently made one for an author event at Books & Books, and it was a big hit!

Do you have an in-store event or big celebration coming up? You know who to call to create your custom On Demand Geofilter!


Mochee Hosts a Night at the FRC

The Mochees recently sponsored a night at Chapman Partnership’s Family Resource Center and Miami Heat Play and Learn Center. Chapman Partnership is a homeless assistance center, with two facilities in South Florida housing a total of 800 residents. The Family Resource Center, located in the Downtown Miami facility, is an area dedicated to families with small children. It’s a place for them to work on homework together, have access to the internet, play games, read books, and do activities.

Mochee brought 18 pizzas (which the children swiftly annihilated) and cake, as well as goody bags for them to enjoy! We were joined by members of Nextgen, Chapman’s organization of young professionals and community ambassadors. We all had a blast playing board games with them, dancing, coloring, and loosing multiple rounds of Connect 4. **DISCLAIMER**: if you ever volunteer at Chapman’s FRC, those kids are masters of Connect 4. Don’t let their sweet faces and sunny dispositions fool you.

Unfortunately, families with small children represent a growing segment of Chapman Partnership’s population. There are so many opportunities for hands-on volunteering at both centers. If we’ve inspired you, and you’re interested in volunteering your time or setting up a group volunteer project, find info here: