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Get to Know Mochee 2.0

Our last blog post detailed how Mochee grew from a two-person shop to one of Miami’s most successful social agencies serving 40+ clients. But we’re not just getting bigger; we’re getting more creative too.  In the Fall of 2015 we launched, Mochee 2.0, a creative division designed to give our clients the content they need for social. Now, as Mochee 2.0 has taken us from inside the most exclusive real estate listings in Miami to the newest resorts in Cancun, we want you to get to know just what this new sector of our company does.

Mochee 2.0 was developed out of our constant need for engaging content. We took a good hard look at our growing pages and asked ourselves what do we want to see here? What would this look like if we could create the imagery ourselves? And so we did just that. We began with pitching clients ideas for graphics; a quick quote over an inspiration image that we knew Pinterest users would love or a save the date card that fit perfectly on Instagram. Then we moved into the photography realm. We looked at the continued success of the bloggersphere and started shooting client products and services in a “social-friendly” way. Cosabella lingerie leant itself perfectly to the process and our first shoot for their Holiday 2015 collection was a smash hit! To date we’ve created original graphics and staged photo shoots for fashion brands, hotels, non-profit organizations, real estate firms, bookstores and more!

We spend our entire workday (and our off hours) scrolling through the imagery on every social platform you can imagine so it’s safe to say that we know what works. Since social media has become one of the main drivers for news, entertainment, and commerce, it makes sense that the content should be unique to these platforms. We like to think of Mochee 2.0 as a way to create a lifestyle around a brand. Not just here’s Hyatt’s new hotel, but here’s what it feels like to have your toes in the cool water and a drink in your hand at Hyatt Ziva Cancun. After six months of Mochee 2.0 successfully moving forward, our clients have come to rely on this original content.

We’re whipping up everything from e-blasts to graphics to newsletters in our office every day.  Our talented team continues to grow and we now have a full-time designer and photographer on staff. We can’t wait to see where Mochee 2.0 takes us next! Check out our website to see our portfolio and learn more about our brand new creative division:



How Far We’ve Come – A Look Back

Although there’s debate as to when we officially started Mochee, it’s been just about 6 years. Alex and I started as a two-woman shop from our homes and are now moving into our ‘headquarters’ in Little River! We are a growing team of seven with 40+ accounts equaling more than 100 social media pages.

As we look back on the work we’ve done over the last 6 years it’s amazing to reflect on how much the industry changed and how sophisticated the process is now. In 2010, we were only using Facebook and Twitter for our first accounts. Twitter seemed to be the platform where we noticed the most traction and things like an ‘iPad giveaway’ resulted in impressive engagement and quality interaction. Facebook hadn’t even split into business pages and we were sending personal messages!

Before we would go into meetings and just try our best to convince clients that in fact people were seeing the posts and that they were the right audiences, now we can give exact analytics on impressions, engagements, clicks, cost per click and so much more. Our reporting has evolved from a short Word doc with a recap of activity to a robust Excel and PowerPoint with lots of formulas that we’re still wrapping our heads around.




We’ve seen the biggest evolution happen through Facebook advertising with options like custom look-alike audiences, video view ads, and carousel web click ads. Our clients have seen tremendous results since we’ve employed the latest offerings from Facebook and more and more we’re seeing a shift in budgets going into social advertising.

Through the years, we’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to meet some very amazing people and experience some incredible events through our work. From sitting just a few feet away from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to being front row at fashion shows, to covering the red carpet with some huge actors at the Miami Film Fest, to having breakfast in the living room of one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, it shows that social media is every where and has become the main source of communication and information in our society. To think that we even tried to sell pet tags on Facebook at one point!



Although we still walk into pitch meetings with prospective clients asking similar questions from 6 years ago, it’s no longer a question of IF they should use social media. We are very proud to be celebrating this anniversary and are excited to see where the social media train is headed. It feels bitter sweet to leave Wynwood and the first MoMo Studio, but our new digs in Little River are spectacular (designed by no one else than Moniomi, of course) and we can’t wait to look back six more years from now and see how far we’ve come.




And the Mochi for Best Dressed Goes To…

This may surprise you (it shouldn’t) but the Mochees are big award show fans. Awards season keeps our phones buzzing with group messages, Instagram tags and snapchats. Lunch the next day is full of our assessments of who deserved it, who got snubbed and of course, whose look we loved. The guys were great, the guys were fine – get a good tailor and bravo to you. It’s all about the gowns in our opinion. (Even John Legend gets it.)

We all pretty much agreed that Grammy 2016 fashion was utterly disappointing. Nothing standout. Nothing great. Selena looked nice. Bey and Ciara are gorgeous, but what were those dresses. End of impressions.

But the Golden Globes was fashion moment after fashion moment strutting down the carpet. Jaime Alexander and Olivia Wilde rocked deep-Vs and Kate Hudson has us wondering if mere mortals could have those abs.


Fast-forward to the Oscars and two blonde beauties sparkled in our eyes. And on camera since they were both wearing sequins. Enter Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn and Saoirse Ronan, best actress nominee for Brooklyn (no clue how that’s pronounced? Don’t worry, Ellen asked for you, just keep scrolling).



However, there was the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party (not an award show we know) and Gigi Hadid wore this, so pretty much everyone else should just put on jeans and a t-shirt for the rest of the year because who is going to top it?





Simple (and Mildly Inaccurate) Valentine’s Day Mochi Recipe

Looking for a way to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day? Ditch the typical heart-shaped box of chocolates, skip the big stupid teddy bear that nobody wants, try something new! Impress your boo thing with homemade mochi!

You’ll need

Glutinous Rice Flour
2 ½ cups sugar
1 cup water
Potato starch (good luck finding that, whatever the hell it is)
Food coloring (optional, but not really because nobody wants to eat your pale white dusty jelly cubes)
4 hours worth of patience
Preferably a kitchen space of some sort



Step 1: Mix glutinous rice flour and sugar in a bowl

Step 2: Add water and mix thoroughly.

Step 3: Put the mixture in a microwavable bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Microwave for 4 minutes.

Step 4: Congratulate yourself. You’ve gotten half way through the process of making a random Japanese rice candy hybrid for your occasionally unappreciative, jerkoff of a male counterpart who would undoubtedly rather split a ziplock baggie of Mini Chips Ahoy to celebrate your love filled union.

Step 5: Dust the mixture with potato starch. Oh, you couldn’t find that potato starch at your local grocery store? That’s fine. Actually, any type of powder will work to prevent sticking. baby powder, foot odor powder, it’s all fine.

Step 5 1/2: This step is optional, but since you’re so clearly dedicated, you might as well go the extra mile and fill your mochi with something. Chances are, if you opted to dust them with some type of third party powder (see step 5) you’ll need to fill them with something both edible and nontoxic to balance it all out.

Step 6: Some people like to fill their mochi with red bean paste, but it’s widely agreed upon within the culinary community that red bean paste is simply not a thing. Go with what you know, ice cream, or chocolate will do.

And that’s it! You’re all done! Happy Valentine’s Day!

DISCLAIMER **Mochee does not ACTUALLY recommend you serve this completely inedible concoction to ANYONE EVER**

-Chef Lay


The Miss Universe Pageant Disaster: Social Media’s Favorite Fiasco of 2015

As you’ve probably already heard, last night’s Miss Universe 2015 pageant was a complete MESS.

Here’s one example, but that’s a story for another blog.



The competition, in its 64th year, consists of 80 contestants from countries spanning the globe. This year’s pageant was hosted by comedian, radio personality, and arguably the most irrelevant choice to host such a thing, Steve Harvey. The women all take turns showing off their swimsuits, glittering evening gowns, and ~ super unique ~ talents trying to prove why they should be crowned queen of the stratosphere, you get the idea-let’s cut to the chase.

Setting the scene: The three finalists are announced: Miss USA-Olivia Jordan, Miss Philippines- Pia Wurtzbach, and Miss Colombia- Ariadna Gutierrez.

Here’s the play-by-play

Miss USA gets the boot
Philippines and Colombia are holding hands even though they definitely hate each other
Steve Harvey announces that Ariadna of Colombia wins the whole shebang
She cries, is given the most opulent flower arrangement of the three finalists, gets crowned by the reigning Miss Universe, also from Colombia, and struts her stuff as the HBIC*
Poor, poor Steve Harvey read the result card WRONG
He walks back on stage, and says, “Folks, I have to apologize, there’s been a mistake.”
The crowd goes CRAY
“…First runner up is Colombia.”
The crowd goes SUPER CRAY
Pia, undoubtedly defeated because coming in 2nd in Miss Universe is probably worse than being eliminated early on, realizes that means she just won and all her dreams are coming true
Ariadna, Miss Universe 2015 for a total of 75 seconds, sets a record for shortest reigning Miss Universe of all time.
Both the women meet at the front of the stage, along with last year’s winner, who proceeds to SNATCH the crown from Ariadna and give it Pia

The point is, Miss Colombia was PISSED, Steve really messed up, and it made for the most amazing moment on live television since Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. In a matter of hours, 5.23 million tweets had the hashtag #MissUniverse2015. By my calculations, approximately 13 of them were reactions to the three-hour competition pre-crowning. Both the birth of Kim and Kanye’s son, and all the hype surrounding Adele’s new music instantly became mere shadows fading into the background behind the behemoth social media monster that was the Miss Universe pageant.

To add insult to injury, Steve tweeted (and swiftly deleted) an apology from his personal account, in which he misspelled BOTH countries wrong.

Memes, many with wordplays on his most popular saying as host of the game show Family Feud, flooded everyone’s timelines. Here are my top picks for snarkiest reactions:


Footnote: * “Head Bitch In Charge

Chin up, Steve! You’re an internet sensation!



Sound Off: Musical Mochees

Every morning at Mochee one of us connects to the speaker and the tunes start playing. Silence is not golden for our productivity levels. We all agree a good playlist is key to keeping our fingers flying fast across keyboards, scheduling tweets, writing blogs and communicating with clients.


Scientific studies have found those who listened to music complete their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t because the music improved their mood. Music can prevent the mind from wandering. Listening to something upbeat while performing repetitive tasks such as checking emails or filling out a spreadsheet will make your task go by that much faster. According to a New York Times article, music can release dopamine in the same way that eating something delicious or looking at a beautiful view does. Lucky for us we always have a great playlist on the speaker, chocolate in the cabinet and Wynwood murals out the office window.

What we’re currently listening to:

The Weeknd

Boyz II Men



Christmas Music (‘tis the season!)

Happy listening!


– Jenna


Mochee Christmas List

The holidays are right around the corner- stores are decorated, the leaves are changing (in every state BUT Florida) and Starbucks is selling their sugary seasonal creations. Holiday shopping will commence and the big blowout sales are on their way. Stressing about what to gift your favorite social media girls for the holidays? Not to worry! We’ve made it really easy for you.


The cardinal rule of Twitter in comfy t-shirt form.





One of our favorite symbols that doubles as a bottle opener for our favorite beverage. (hint: WINE)




A cute mug to enjoy our second favorite beverage out of.



Basically a Mochee nameplate.




We go through an insane amount of post-its on a daily basis. We publish an insane amount of Facebook posts on a daily basis. This just seems to make sense.




We’d probably feel better about snacking if our Cheez-its were in this hashtag dish.



For anyone seriously considering exchanging presents with us this Christmas…Amy could actually use a new water bottle.


Happy Shopping!



Twitter Introduces “Moments”

Award shows, football games, breaking news, no matter what’s going on, people turn to Twitter for the latest updates. However, the tidbits of information you’re looking for don’t just magically appear on your Twitter feed, until now! Before the latest update, you’d have to make sure you’re following specific accounts, or following a certain hashtag in order to contribute to or follow along with a conversation. The geniuses over at Twitter have provided us with a solution to the problem!

Moments is a combined recap of what’s happening on Twitter. Simply click the new lightning bolt tab to see a collection of the most popular conversations happening today. This means you can see the top stories being discussed without following the users who are facilitating the discussion. Entertainment, sports, news, fun, and more lists are updated throughout the day. Selecting an individual Moment will display an introduction, which can be swiped through for more images, videos, GIFs, links, Vines, and Tweets. If you check back multiple times, it’ll tell you when you’re all caught up.

The most impressive property of the new Moments feature is that you have the option to follow a Moment as more and more Tweets go live, without having to continuously check the Moments tab. Follow a Moment and the tweets will blend directly into your timeline. When the moment ends, you’ll stop receiving the Tweets.

Happy Tweeting!




Between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook hashtags have become an integral part of many posts. But are you using them effectively? We’ve got a list of three of the worst mistakes made and how to correct them.


There is such a thing as too many hashtags (think Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s 2013 spoof). Hashtags make your post discoverable to a wide audience, like appearing on someone’s Instagram “Discover” feed or joining in a trending conversation on Twitter, but casting too wide a net won’t help gain you engagements. Instead tailor hashtags to the audience you want to reach. Over-hashtagging can turn off potential followers and clutter your message.



Use hashtags to supplement your post. If it’s a beautiful flower photo, #horse probably doesn’t apply. Look over your hashtags before hitting post to make sure they make sense.



Keep your hashtags short! If it’s too long, there is very little chance of it being read completely, or (more importantly) other people using it. Hashtags create engagement and make subjects more searchable, so using obscure tags wont add to your brand.



– Jenna

P.S. If you don’t remember – or missed – Jimmy and Justin, enjoy!


Posting to Social Media: A Dangerous Game

When posting to any social media channel, the number one thing to remember is to think before you post! Whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers, it only takes one single person to take your post and run with it. All too often individuals or companies post without considering all the risks, and by the time they realized they’ve posted something offensive, the damage is already done. Tweets, Facebook statuses, Instagram pictures, and even risky Snapchats can go viral as soon as you press the “share” button. Let these cring-worthy social media fails serve as an example to remind you that you must always think before you post!

Whether your notice a popular hashtag or see that something is a trending topic, make sure you do the research before joining the conversation. In this instance, the purpose of the #WhyIStayed campaign was to bring awareness to domestic violence, with women tweeting their explanations for enduring abusive relationships. DiGiorno Pizza jumped on the bandwagon, and swiftly got thrown off after tweeting “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.”


Make sure the images you use come from a reliable source, and take the time to verify that they are what you think they are. American Apparel once posted this picture to Tumblr in celebration of the 4th of July without realizing that it is not an image of fireworks, but is in fact an image of the Challenger space shuttle disaster in which seven people were tragically killed.



It’s important to remember that sometimes, even the best intentions can be misunderstood. This is especially true when you make statements comparing the fight for equal treatment of African Americans and for equal treatment of dogs, which is exactly what PETA did when they used Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day to advance their message of the ethical treatment of animals. Needless to say, it backfired big time.