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User Demographics: Who’s Using What on Social Media

At Mochee, one of the biggest social media questions we get is, “What do my fans look like?” Clients are always curious about demographics. What cities do my fans live in? What are their ages? What languages do they speak? What are their interests? As social media experts, this is one of the biggest tools at our disposal. With the exception of Instagram, we use the fan and follower analytics provided by the major platforms to determine our advertising targeting, our content, and even the best time of day to post. While fans vary for every business, users of each platform in general are very specific. This means that when we are choosing which platforms to activate for each client we start there, with basic demographics. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what social media users look like.You might just be surprised!


With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook remains most popular social platform both for personal use and marketing. As of Spring 2015, 77% of women and 66% of men who are internet users report using Facebook. 87% of internet users ranging from ages 18-29, 73% ranging from 30-49, 63% ranging from 50-64, and 56% being of age 65 or older also report using Facebook. The top five countries for usage are the United States making up 14% of the audience, India making up 9%, and Brazil with 7% followed closely by Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Turkey and the U.K.


As we move to Twitter, which sees 316 million monthly users, we see much less of a disparity in gender with 21% of women and 24% of men who use the internet reporting usage on the platform. The 18-29 age range still reigns with 37% reporting that they use the platform. After that we see a major drop off in age. 25% ages 30-49, 12% ages 50-64, and 10% aged 65 or above report using it. According to Twitter, 77% of their accounts are created outside of the U.S. as well. While Twitter sees a jump in young adults, its usage also spikes more among college educated internet users and people that live in urban areas.


31% of online women and 24% of online men report using Instagram. It should be noted, that as a whole, this is only 2% more that the amount who reported using Instagram one year ago. 53% of internet users ages 18-29 use the photo-based platform, but only 6% of internet users over the age of 65% use it. Instagram sees 300 million active users and 75 million daily users. About 27% of the U.S. population is estimated to use it.


Pinterest has perhaps the most interesting demographics. It is estimated that Pinterest users are made up of anywhere from 81-90% women. Only 13% of online men report using it. The age range is fairly diverse with 34% of online people ages 18-29, 28% ages 30-49, 27% ages 50-64, and 17% ages 65 or older reporting usage. Where celebrity drives a platform like Instagram, brands rule on Pinterest. 83% of active users say they would prefer to follow a notable brand instead of a notable person. The top browsed categories are food and drink, DIY and crafts, and home decor.


LinkedIn is unique because it is the only major platform who’s main audience doesn’t fall in the 18-29 age category. Their biggest groups of users come from online people ages 30-49 with 31% reporting activity on the platform, and online people ages 50-64 with 30%. Naturally, 50% of internet users who are on LinkedIn also report being college graduates, more than any of the other platforms we mentioned except Facebook. Social Media Examiner’s recent report also showed that marketers have a soft spot for LinkedIn. When asked to choose only one platform to use to market their business, LinkedIn was the second most popular choice, again only falling behind Facebook.


GEMS Festival Preview

The Miami International Film Festival’s fall event, held at Tower Theater in Little Havana, is almost here! GEMS recently announced its line up and the Mochees are excited. This week we went to a screening of all 14 films showing at GEMS this October – just wow.

The line-up includes features from Cannes, Berlin & Sundance Film Festivals, and a few films expected to receive Oscar noms, all while maintaining the international flavor typical of GEMS.

So which are our most anticipated films?

Brooklyn – Based on the novel by Colm Toibin and starring Saoirse Ronan, this romantic story is set in the 1950s between Ireland and Brooklyn.

Yona – Telling the true story of Israeli poet Yona Wallach, who entered into the literary scene determined to live her work, this movie is an emotionally charged drama.

It’s Now or Never – The biggest box office hit of the year in Spain, wedding plans go wrong in this hysterical romantic comedy.

We’ll be posting previews of the films on all platforms in the upcoming weeks. Follow MIFF on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date!


The 5 Social Media Terms Mochee Needs You to Understand

Facebook- What should be the main source of communication between you and your audience. An extremely effective way to present and spread information to the people you want to reach. Still a very popular platform despite what your 13-year-old daughter thinks. If you have a business, you need a Facebook.

Hashtag- a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign, used to funnel posts of a specific topic together. For instance, if you search #MocheeSocial on Google, you’ll stumble upon a goldmine of hilarious pictures, a slew of pop culture references, and a variety of pictures featuring any combination of the same 5 beautiful girls.

Twitter- A micro-blogging network of short blurbs with a limit of 140 characters. Arguably the most effective platform to conduct fluid conversations with users in real time through the use of a hashtag. Though many find it difficult, it is indeed possible (for the Mochees) to maintain a professional image on Twitter (for you).

Instagram- One of the most popular social media platforms. An online photo and video sharing community. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, it’s likely your pretty popular in real life. You’ll find the most hashtag use on Instagram.

Impressions- The number of times a post from your page is displayed. The more impressions, the better. If you’re a Mochee client, this number is always, without a doubt, high.


Mochee Adds Snapchat and Periscope Accounts for Clients

We know Facebook. We can write a 140 character tweet instinctively. Instagram filters, we’ll choose the best one without scrolling. But what happens when Mochee tries out new platforms for our clients?

That’s just what we’ve done in the past weeks, adding Snapchat and Periscope accounts to a number of our clients’ portfolios. While most people are familiar with Snapchat – getting snaps and posting stories, Periscope is a lesser used app. Created to work with Twitter, Periscope is a platform to share live stream videos, whether it’s a weekly talk show, a concert or a day at the beach. The idea is to see the world through someone else’s point of view. Periscope links can be pushed to Twitter or shared via email or messaging. You have to act fast though! Links don’t last forever.

Mochee is working on new ways to use these platforms to engage fans. Miami Book Fair now has accounts and trial postings on both platforms. So far we’ve snapped from Whole Foods Read to Learn events and streamed book readings on Periscope. For our real estate clients, Periscope is an awesome option for live event coverage, from groundbreaking to cocktail parties.

We can’t wait to see what else these platforms can do!

Follow Miami Book Fair on Twitter and Snapchat (MiamiBookFair).


Books & Books Instagram Reaches a Big Milestone

We are excited to announce that Books & Books’ Instagram account has reached 10,000 followers! Mochee has been working with this iconic, local independent bookstore since April 2014 in which time we have grown the Instagram page by 7,427 followers, that’s a whopping 280% increase. Staples of our daily content include store snapshots from their four locations, fan photos, deals of the day, Books & Books branded quotes created by Mochee, and staff picks. Some of our most engaging content also includes live coverage from the stores 700+ annual author events. We’ve been lucky enough to cover events with Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Judy Blume, Chuck Palahnuik, Andy Cohen, Daniel Silva, Jason Segel and more in the last year.

The Miami community has a love for Books & Books and its owner Mitchell Kaplan that is deep rooted and passionate. The support of South Florida’s book worms, avid readers, travelers, storytellers, and artists has given us some of the most colorful and vivid content that we’ve seen yet. Since April 2014, @booksandbooks has garnered 67,503 total likes and 2,304 total comments on posts. We look forward to growing this account to 20,000 followers! Follow us on all of Books & Books social pages to join in the literary fun and for more news on upcoming events.







Client Spotlight: Chapman Partnership #CPBack2School

Chapman Partnership, a private sector partner of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, operates two Homeless Assistance Centers in Miami and Homestead. Serving approximately 5,000 men, women, and children each year, Chapman is dedicated to providing long-term solutions to those who have lost their homes by empowering them to build a better future on the path to self-sufficiency. Mochee enjoys helping Chapman Partnership connect with the community, and seek donations, support, and volunteers through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin.

With summer coming to an end, Mochee is currently promoting Chapman’s Back to School donation drive. Over the course of the last five years, homelessness among school students ages five to seventeen increased 84% in Florida. Chapman believes it is vital for children to return to school with confidence, and they need your help to be school ready for success!

Chapman is close to our office, and close to our hearts, and we are happy to help them reach their goal of collecting new school uniforms, sneakers, backpacks, and school supplies for the more than 250 homeless children residing at their centers.

Interested in making a donation? Learn more and donate here.


The 10 Small Victories Of Working At A Social Media Company

Here at Mochee, we often celebrate when a social media platform introduces a new feature or releases a new app that will make our work more exciting. Social media unicorns are always on the lookout for the latest, most innovative programs in editing and posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We’ve complied a list of some our favorite moments in social media history in a hilarious Buzzfeed article that you should read and share here! Enjoy!



Mochee Documents #ONESirCrawl

Mochee recently coordinated the ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Food & Wine Tour to give brokers the opportunity to explore four luxurious homes on the market. After conceptualizing the event to coincide with the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Mochee spread the word about the crawl by promoting it on Facebook and Twitter. Mochees Alex and Alayna were there to cover the entire day, posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #ONESirCrawl. While on the tour, everyone posted pictures and tweets with the hashtag, bringing well-deserved attention to the state- of-the-art homes and the brokers representing them. There was even a photographer from the Wall Street Journal present who photographed the interior and exterior of each home for an upcoming feature in the magazine. Together with the ONE Sotheby’s media team, Mochee successfully executed this great exposure opportunity for ONE Sotheby’s, their individual agents, and their current listings. The day went off without a hitch!

The tour began at the ONE Sotheby’s Coral Gables Office where everyone boarded a fancy limo bus, the first indication of what was in store. Upon arrival at each stop, the representing Sotheby’s broker gave a tour of the property. The group then got to enjoy delicious food and wine that complimented the style and ambiance of each house.

Each stop on the tour was unique and enjoyable in it’s own way. At one stop, brokers told stories about the historic houses as everyone enjoyed snacks and drinks in wine cellars. At another, the group posed for pictures by the water and sipped on champagne poolside.

All in all, everyone had a great time on the ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Food & Wine Tour, and Mochee was happy to be there! The day will definitely be remembered as one of Mochee’s favorite fieldtrips.


Mochee Attends TAG Heuer Event

As the official social media agency for TAG Heuer Latin America and the Caribbean, Mochee was invited to take part in a recent event put on by TAG Heuer at The Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach. While there, Mochees Amy and Alex gave a presentation illustrating TAG Heuer social media activity and pitching new ideas to a group of TAG Heuer distributors and retailers. Mochees also got the inside scoop about upcoming 2015 marketing plans and partnerships TAG Heuer has in the works. We are happy to be working with a company that has such an exciting future!

After their presentation, the Mochees participated in a Don’t Crack Under Pressure team building activity (appropriately named after TAG Heuer’s official campaign) at the Flamingo Tennis Center. As expected, the Mochee team won the tournament! Because Mochees NEVER crack under pressure.


Mochee Attends Launch of Humbled By The Journey

Last week, members of the Mochee team had the pleasure of attending the launch of Humbled By The Journey: Life Lessons For My Family…And Yours, the extraordinary personal story penned by our new client, Mike Fernandez. The penniless immigrant from Cuba turned billionaire business mogul invites readers to join him along his 508-mile journey from France through Spain, all while overcoming obstacles and explaining the most important lessons he embraced throughout his challenging, unique experience.

To celebrate the event, Books & Books and The Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College hosted a special conversation between best friends/business partners Mike Fernandez and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, moderated by former Miami Herald publisher David Lawrence. The pair, both of whom started with limited means, covered the spectrum discussing achievements and accomplishments, principles and values, the importance of giving back and paying it forward. Their individual stories of sacrifice and success enlightened and empowered the all-ages audience of 700+. As a passionate philanthropist, Fernandez pledges to donate all proceeds from the book to The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation.


Click here to get your copy of Humbled By The Journey can be purchased exclusively through Books & Books.


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