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Mochee Adds Books & Books to Client List

Mochee’s client portfolio list keeps growing! We are happy to announce that our latest addition to our portfolio is none other than the independent locally owned bookstore, Books and Books. We are handling the social media accounts of their Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Bal Harbour Shops and Miami International Airport locations, as well as the social media accounts of the cafes located in the Miami Beach and Coral Gables locations.

Our first event with our new client was Arianna Huffington’s inspiring interview-style conversation with University of Miami president, Donna Shalala. Guests of the event were given vouchers to attend in exchange for purchasing Arianna Huffington’s new novel Thrive. It was an inspiring talk that centralized mainly on the importance of disconnecting and recharging to guarantee career success.



Mochee Moves to Wynwood!

We’ve joined forces with Moniomi Design and moved to one of the latest Goldman Properties project, Wynwood House, in the heart of Miami’s bustling art scene. A block across from the iconic black and white stripped Wynwood Building, Wynwood House stays true to the Goldman aesthetic vision. Ukrainian street art duo, Interesni Kaski, was commissioned to bring their fantastical world and figures to the exterior painting of the building. We couldn’t be more excited to be in Miami’s art hub and the creative energy is definitely taking effect on Mochee’s work!

For more information about the building click here

For more information about Interesni Kaski click here


Mochee baby Maja Harper’s Baby Shower Mentioned by author Lisa See!

A week ago, the first Mochee baby came into the world—Maja Harper! We couldn’t be happier to welcome this beautiful girl to the world and apparently neither could one of our favorite authors, Lisa See. The theme for Maja Harper’s baby shower—a collaboration between Moniomi Design and Mochee (aka Momo Studio)—was designed to reflect Lisa See’s critically-acclaimed international bestseller, “Snowflower and the Secret Fan” which we couldn’t put down when we read it. Lisa See posted about this special occasion on her Facebook page and the honor is ours!

The baby shower was also featured on the “On to the Babyblog” here



Mochee’s Skills Recognized in the Miami Herald!

The Miami Herald is on to something good. They’ve recognized the power of social media as a marketing tool for small businesses in South Florida and written a feature on its success in the area. “In recent years, small-business owners have turned to social media, email and mobile marketing websites to build visibility for their brands. In 2014, say experts, digital marketing is no longer simply a way to bump up brand awareness: It has become essential. With 73 percent of U.S. internet users turning to social networking sites and 53 percent of American adults carrying a smart phone, businesses that don’t employ social network marketing may find themselves losing out to the competition.” We at Mochee believe that social platforms are vital in engaging existing and potential customer loyalty, developing a brand strategy as well as an identity, and they act as a tool for monitoring the behavior patterns of target markets for our clients. The Miami Herald actually interviewed one of our clients, Gregg Lurie of Daily Melt, who opened his delectable sandwich melt shop in Midtown Mall back in February of 2013 to highlight his successful social media strategy. “Lurie hired Mochee, a social media marketing firm, to engage his customers online by posting photos of the Daily Melt’s weekly specials on its social media sites — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — with an upbeat message. The strategy has drawn more than 5,000 Facebook fans, and customers often share the photos with their social networks.” We couldn’t be more proud of Daily Melt’s growth and we are happy to be a part of his continued success! Oh, and a mention in the Miami Herald definitely made our weeks.
Read the complete story here


2013 Social Media Highlights and 2014 Predictions

2013 was the year of social media advancements, developments and acquisitions. Early in the year, Twitter finally launched its six-second video sharing app, Vine, and Instagram soon followed by adding a video feature to their mobile app to respond to the growing demand for video sharing. Yahoo bought the microblogging platform, Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars, but Facebook could not acquire Snapchat for 3 billion dollars. Google Plus had a very busy year launching a new instant messaging and video chat platform called Google Hangouts as well as “Helpouts by Google” which allows users to connect with others who can give them lessons through video chatting and integrating with Youtube.
So what’s ahead in 2014? As companies have come to understand the powerful channel of social media, digital strategies predict there will be much more company involvement in the sites and the integration of advertising will actually increase. Social media users might expect much more Twitter ads on their feeds and the integration of Facebook video advertising might be a possibility in 2014. Pinterest and Instagram are now still in the trial stages of incorporating an advertising platform in both the online and mobile applications.  We could say that 2014 might actually be the year of social media advertising. Let’s wait and see.


South Pointe Elementary School wins Stanley Security Grant through Social Media

Mochee wants to congratulate our good friend Sladja Stantic and her school South Pointe Elementary in Miami Beach on their successful efforts to attain the Stanley Security Grant. The team at Mochee was supportive throughout the venture and flexed our social media muscles to get others to support it. We set up a Facebook page through which we were able to advertise, promote posts, content and strategy to get people voting online or via text for South Pointe Elementary. Both celebrities and some local press reposted the Facebook posts and rallied an incredible number of votes for the school making social media the driving force behind their success. South Pointe Elementary has officially been awarded second place and will receive a 100,000 grant! Congratulations!

South Pointe Elementary Facebook Page


Arme De L’amour goes live on luxury online retailer, Net-A-Porter

The team at Mochee is proud to announce that our client (as well as one of our personal favorites jewelry designers), Ivana Berendika Jermoluk, has joined forces with online luxury retailer, Net-A-Porter, to sell her graceful, yet ever-so-delicate jewelry brand, Arme de L’Amour. The team here at Mochee has been updating her Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote her beautiful products and we’re proud that Ivana has caught the attention of Net-A-Porter. The Serbian-born, but now Miami-based designer draws her inspiration from her vivid childhood memories of her grandfather’s captivating antique jewelry collection as well as her own worldly travels as a model (a career that began as early as eighteen years old for Ivana).

As her career demanded Ivana work in some of the most municipal cities in the world, Ivana always felt drawn to the patterns and designs that were most prominent in the obscurity of small villages and the isolation of mountainous trails. Her travels continued to the city of New York, where Ivana decided she finally pursue her interests in art, design and jewelry at the Parsons School of Design. Her jewelry is designed to be both minimal and delicate, yet display the exotic elements she witnessed most frequently in her travels. On a recent trip to Vienna in Austria, Ivana went to an exhibition of the artist Gustav Klimt, who is most known for his work with gold, and it is the reason her pieces are all gold-plated. We are overjoyed that this designer’s work is being sold in one of the most luxurious global online retailers and expanding, but we are more excited that her talent and aesthetic is noticed and appreciated worldwide. Her first piece to be posted on the site, the gold-plated finger bracelet, was sold out in less than 24 hours! Congratulations Ivana, we can’t wait to see your jewelry draping the wrists, hands, ears and fingers of women everywhere!

Arme de L’Amour Facebook

Arme de L’Amour Twitter

Check out Arme d l’amour on Net-A-Porter here


The GetMyRx mobile app takes the hassle out of refilling your prescriptions

If it’s possible to deposit checks through our mobile phones and have our groceries delivered right to our doorsteps, how is it that our most important medicines and prescriptions can’t also be delivered and ordered simultaneously through our mobile apps? Isn’t it daunting to have to drive to the pharmacy every time you want to leave the pharmacist with a new prescription, then have to drive back an hour after it is filled, just to pick it up? The folks at GetMyRx caught on to this, and developed a mobile app that allows you to order new prescriptions and refills from your mobile phone. What’s even better is that they also match the location of your home to the nearest pharmacy in Miami-Dade County that will deliver the prescriptions to your home free of charge. Too good to be true? No sir. Download the app on your phone today and sign up, it takes as little as thirty seconds and requires that you follow five simple steps:

Scan your Rx or confirm the pharmacy (paper, faxed, or prescriptions are all valid)
Confirm the doctor
Select the patient
Scan the insurance card
Enter address and phone

After you sign up on the mobile app, the pharmacy that delivers to your location will contact you to collect your payment (only credit cards are accepted) and schedule a delivery time that is most convenient for you (within 4 business hours is the soonest it can be delivered). There are no hidden fees from GetMyRx, you pay exactly what you have always paid in your pharmacy (minus the hassle of driving there to do it). The team here at Mochee is working hard to reach out to more users and promote this service through the company’s Twitter and Facebook social media sites.

Follow GetMyRx  now for the latest news and updates:



To learn more about the app GetMyRx and how to sign up as well as some commonly asked questions by other users, follow this link


The Luxury Condo, 1000 Museum, will be designed by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid

The One Thousand Museum is a pre-construction luxury condo that will call 1000 Biscayne Blvd home, situated directly across from the new Perez Art Museum Miamiand minutes away from Miami Beach and Brickell it will be at the heart of Miami culture. It is predicted that once the building is fully completed it will be a phenomenal site to behold—its rivals in extravagance will only include the One57 in New York City in the United States and One Hyde Park in London internationally. In total, the sixty two-story building will be comprised of one half floor/full floor penthouse, four duplex townhouses, eight full floor penthouses, seventy half floor units, and eighty three residences that resemble museums.

As if it wasn’t already special enough, One Thousand Museum is set to become the first building in South Florida to have it’s own helipad on the roof with an Aquatic Center directly below it and a high security vault for the resident’s prized possessions.

The starchitect that has been commissioned for this contemporary design opus, is none other than the internationally acclaimed, Zaha Hadid who is lauded for her “futuristic” style and manipulation of geometric shapes and curvature. In 2004, Hadid became the first woman to receive the The Pritzker Architecture Prize and appointed the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her work in architecture. She has been awarded the Stirling Prize for architecture two years in a row; in 2010 for the Maxxi she designed in Rome, Italy and again in 2011 for the Z-shaped Evelyn Grace Academy in London, England. She has been featured on Forbes list of “100 Most Powerful Women” in 2008 and listed as a prominent and influential thinker in the 2010 TIME 100 issue. Hadid’s work in architecture and product design has also expanded to include academia; she has taught at some of the most prestigious design institutions in the world including College of Architecture and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Yale School of Architecture and the Masters Studio at Columbia. Mochee has been able to engage with the international real estate community through 1000 Museum’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, attracting affluent buyers to learn about the project and update on the development’s progress.


Follow 1000 Museum’s sites below for news on Miami’s future luxury condo:

One Thousand Museum Facebook

One Thousand Museum Twitter

One Thousand Museum Instagram

For more detailed information, floor plans and preliminary visual concept designs of 1000 Museum, you can check out their website here


Feather the Nest Sweepstakes

Everyone likes a good sweepstakes, and our client, Feather the Nest, is offering a pretty sweet deal for the price of a mere five minutes of your time. Feather the Nest is a brand new innovative company that allows members to make profiles on their online site to raise funds for specific goals, projects, or products members would like to obtain. Are you a recent college grad that’s been inkling for a chance to move out of mom and dad’s house but low on the necessary funds to do so?  Did you get the promotion you were aiming for at work and can now make plans to become a first time home buyer? Why not get a little help from your friends? Feather the Nest is the solution to landing your first piece of real estate! The company requires that members complete a profile on their online site that allows members to tell their story and set monetary goals that friends and family can donate and contribute to. A recent college grad can set up a fund on Feather the Nest where family and friends can donate monetary gifts to reach a goal of $10,000 for a down payment on a home as opposed to receiving the usual graduation gifts. If that didn’t already sound like the perfect way to make sure people get the gifts they’ve always dreamed of, Feather the Nest has decided to have a sweepstakes that rewards five hundred dollars towards the winner’s fund. To sign up for this sweepstakes all you have to do is go to and sign up as a nester and create your profile. Then, just how the team here at Mochee is hard at work promoting this great service through the company’s social media site, you can use your own savvy social media skills to ask your friends and family to contribute to your account. The member who has the most contributions wins the five hundred dollars! It’s that simple to enter and that simple to start raising the funds needed to achieve the goals you always wanted to achieve.

Follow Feather The Nest today:

Feather the Nest Facebook

Feather the Nest Twitter

Become a Nester