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IG Creates New Restrictions for Diet and Surgery Content

Recently, Instagram has announced that the social media app will be restricting some of the content dealing with diet products and cosmetic surgery. Instagram is taking action after there has been a large amount of criticism regarding the negative impact promoted posts for dietary supplements, products and cosmetic surgeries have had. A younger demographic especially, has been at risk of poor mental health and body image based on this type of content. Under new regulations, advertisement posts that feature products to help with weight-loss or feature a cosmetic procedure will be hidden from users under the age of 18. Also, posts that make a commercial offer to users while claiming to be a “miraculous” way to lose weight will be removed from the app.  Instagram’s public policy manager claimed: “we’ve sought guidance from external experts, including Dr. Ysabel Gerrard in the UK, to make sure any steps to restrict and remove this content will have a positive impact on our community of over 1 billion people around the world – whilst ensuring Instagram remains a platform for expression and discussion.” The social media app wants to sustain a positive environment especially for younger demographics using it. They hope that these restrictions will reduce the amount of body and beauty pressure that society faces. Within the next few weeks, Instagram will try out a feature where users can report posts that they find goes against these new policies. After Instagram reviews the content it will be appropriately handled. Actress Jameela Jamil has been working with Instagram in the past year to make this change happen. Jamil expressed her happiness in a recent Instagram post stating that “this is an extraordinary win that is going to make a big difference.” Jamil hopes that this initiative will hold influencers more accountable for the sponsored content they promote to their followers. She has been quick to criticize celebrities such as Cardi B and the Kardashians for promoting detox tea to their following. Jamil even created her own body-positive platform on Instagram, I Weigh, which has started a movement and boasts more than 855,000 followers.  With these new social media changes, apps such as Instagram can hope for more positivity on their platform especially with the help of body positive content.

IGTV is Now Rocking the Media World All On its Own!

IGTV has expanded to its own spot in the Apple Store. What was initially just Instagram’s way of displaying video content, IGTV, is now becoming its own stand-alone app. It will still be featured on Instagram but now on its own native platform, IGTV now has the potential to change video content. Over the last few years, apps focusing on video content such as YouTube have exploded in their popularity amongst young consumers. According to Variety, YouTube is No. 1 platform with U.S. teens. The same study detected that around 85% of Gen Z members use YouTube. The popularity of video platforms encouraged IGTV to take on a life of its own to receive similar numbers.  Anyone on the IGTV app will be able to create their own channel and share content with their followers. Currently there is a limit for most accounts to only post a video around 10 minutes long. However, for the future of IGTV, there potentially won’t be any limits. IGTV is trying to stray away from being a streaming service such as Netflix, so most content will be encouraged to be on the shorter side. The IGTV app will allow vertical and horizontal videos to be posted. This is a massive benefit for content creators and users who have had to work with the restrictive vertical video angles. Vertical videos were an instigator for capturing videos from your phone, but this new ability will be just as encouraging to digital creators. Currently, there is no discussion of whether advertisements will be featured on the IGTV app. IGTV wants to primarily center around the content to get the app popular on its own first. In the similar sense of Facebook videos, viewers will be able to interact on the IGTV app with comments and likes. Instagram is hoping for IGTV to attract new media stars and have a platform for less polished video content. The foundation of IGTV is based on the experience, Instagram wants its users to have and to have fun with the interactive curation of user videos. With IGTV prepping to launch, it will be a test for media companies to see if there is more room in the mobile video world. 

Supporting the Bahamas

Bahamians are in desperate need of help after the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Sunday as a Category 5. The storm has left 30 people dead and has completely destroyed many homes and pristine areas such as the island of Grand Bahama and Abaco.  The U.S. Government and several nonprofits such as the American Red Cross have taken action for rescue efforts and supply donations. As of Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard claims to have rescued 205 people. The government’s priorities have been set on helping the critically wounded and fixing destroyed infrastructure so it is no longer a potential hazard.  As the government has been working on rescue and relief efforts, many Bahamians have taken action into their own hands through social media. Multiple posts from residents have displayed the reality of the destruction they are currently living in. Some gut-wrenching posts consist of natives pleading to find their loved ones.  With the power of social media, companies have done substantial actions to assist Bahamians any way they can. Whether it’s cruise ships with loads of food, supply drives or a free semester for Bahamian students, people are coming to action.  The content has shown on the grounds devastation and has caused the mainstream media to galvanize support. Social media has become the primary communication tactic for inspiring assistance compared to other media. This is apparent as social media provides easy access to donation links through swiping up on IG stories and Facebook pages. Here at Mochee, we have sought to assist some of our clients in an effort to increase hurricane relief donations. Our clients include: Turnberry Marina, Books & Books, Jewish Community Services, Brightline, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District.  For Jewish Community Services, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District we created custom graphics for their pages. Each post clearly identifies where to donate and what supplies are needed. With Books & Books, we attached an emblem of the nation’s flag in support of the much-needed products.  Brightline’s content consisted of a digital animation featuring a message from the team, local donation spots and a full list of supplies. Actual footage of early donations and supply lists were included in posts for Turnberry Marina. The use and accessibility of social media pages are navigating and influencing individuals. All in the hopes of providing enough resources during this devastating natural disaster. We’re proud to work with so many clients who are stepping up to help our neighbors. 

Mochee Teams up with the ESPN Games for the Third Year

It’s that time of year again! Time for the annual ESPN Games. One of our favorite events here at Mochee, when ESPN Latin America’s advertising agency partners get together for a day of obstacle courses and challenges. Mochee has assisted in the promotion and coverage of the event on social media for the past two years and have signed up for an even larger role for the 2013 Games. This unique event allows ESPN’s leaders time to bond in a casual setting with the agency partners that make their programming possible. Latin America is our biggest international market in Miami and this event celebrates that market and their passion for the sports arena. Last year’s Games included kickball, soccer, basketball, football and a relay race, but this year ESPN Latin America and Mochee will be turning up the heat. With even more amped up competitions, ESPN Games 2013 will be bigger and better than ever.

Event’s like these are some of our favorite to help produce at Mochee, because they involve a level of interaction from the participants on all social media platforms. A custom hashtag will be created for use throughout the day and competitions will include coordinated responses from the team’s on Facebook and Instagram. This trend of designating a hashtag for events is long-standing in the media world, but seems to be catching on everywhere these days. Weddings, family reunions and baby showers are all being given personalized hashtags as a way to converge all of the photos, tweets and general posts about the special occasion. With tech saavy agency professionals participating in the ESPN Games, Mochee will use the hashtag of the day to share the candid memories captured through the day’s challenges. For us, it doesn’t get much better than the combination of sports and social media and the ESPN Games lets us immerse ourselves in both once a year! We can’t wait to share more details of this year’s event and our partnership with ESPN Latin America, stay tuned for more.


Edgewater Offers the Best of Miami in Just Ten Blocks

Miami is filled with vibrant neighborhoods, each more unique than the last. The latest up-and-coming area and the trending word in the South Florida real estate market is “Edgewater.” Located between NE 17th St. and NE 37th St. and just a short distance from our Mochee office and home to a couple of our staffers, Edgewater is an area of particular interest to our team. Personal connections aside, this trendy new neighborhood is also the future site of one of our most colorful clients, The Crimson. A 20 story pre-construction project boasting Bayfront boutique living with only 90 residences, The Crimson appeals to the buyer seeking the full Miami experience. Their new sales and marketing team at International Sales Group aren’t just selling the building’s sophisticated units; they are selling Edgewater.

Location is key for this and other projects that will soon call Edgewater home. It is conveniently nestled between Downtown Miami, Wynwood, the Design Distirct, Midtown and the Upper East Side and just over the bridge from Miami Beach. “The Gates to Wynwood” as it is being called, gives residents a taste of everything from the eclectic local art scene to the some of the city’s finest dining options. Venues like The Adrienne Arsht Center, James L. Knight Center and American Airlines arena are just minutes away and all of this comes on rare waterfront property just off of Biscayne Blvd. But, it’s not the attractions that make Edgewater special, it’s the energy. A charming mix of unfinished urban living and a palm-tree lined paradise is why we are drawn to Edgewater. “Located at the intersection of funky and trendy” is how The Miami Herald described it earlier this year. The local shops are still standing, the water is still unobstructed from the end of almost every street and yet there is a sense of what’s to come. A buzz in the air that says that soon this will be the pulse of the Downtown Miami area.

Thus far, projects like The Crimson have done a wonderful job keeping the charm of Edgewater in tact while making it even more suitable for future residents. Developers of The Crimson and surrounding projects will soon be erecting a public park on the end of NE 27th street. We are excited to see what’s in store for one of our favorite Miami neighborhoods, stay tuned for more updates on this and construction on The Crimson.

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Comcast Internet Essentials Comes to Chapman Partnership

Comcast’s Internet Essentials recently kicked off its third year at Chapman Partnership in Downtown Miami and Mochee was at the bustling press conference to catch all of the action! Internet Essentials is a program designed to bring affordable internet access to low-income households. As one of the largest and most comprehensive homeless shelters in South Florida, Chapman Partnership, was a natural partner for Comcast’s efforts.

On August 13th, Comcast brought their team to Chapman Partnership’s North Center to kick off another year of “bridging the digital divide.” They were joined by Miami Dade County Public School’s Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, who spoke on the great difference internet access can make to local families. Comcast’s David Cohen presented Chapman Partnership CEO, Daniel Vincent, with 50 internet giftcards to provide residents as they leave the center and move to transitional or permanent housing. This will add to the extensive list of ways Chapman Partnership helps their residents attain self-sufficiency every day.

The packed press conference was covered live by NBC6 and Mochee had a front row seat, live tweeting and posting on various platforms throughout the event. Comcast also donated five Chapman resident families new computers equipped with WiFi and generously gave the entire Chapman Partnership North Center grounds WiFi access. Our entire days at Mochee are spent on the internet and we were honored to be a part of bringing awareness to the issue of affordable internet access.

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Meet NIBA Rug Collections

Hand-woven wool from India and Nepal, beautifully unique designs and superior client relations. NIBA Rug Collections has created a niche for themselves in the interior design market, catering to designers looking for personalized pieces made from the finest materials. Mochee is proud to now be working with NIBA Rugs in an effort to share their impeccable work via social media. Through Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz, Mochee has begun engaging interior designers and sharing news from NIBA Rugs’ Miami showroom on a daily basis. The brand’s Pinterest is quickly developing into a showcase of their finest work including installation photos, press hits and inspiration boards based on their design portfolio. Mochee has also taped into the design market by sharing completed NIBA Rug projects on Houzz. On top of all of the interior design work, Mochee will also be aiding NIBA Rug Collections in getting the word out on their alliance with GoodWeave. For years, GoodWeave has been working to fight child labor in the handmade rug industry, successfully cutting the problem down by an impressive 75%. NIBA Rugs has the GoodWeave stamp of approval, donating 1.75% of the cost of each rug to the foundation and asking that all of their consumers demand GoodWeave approved products. The interior design industry is one the most active on social media, where inspiration for projects is flooding the platforms. Social media is allowing NIBA Rug Collections to be a part of this exchange in inspiration and reach out to designers across the country hoping to work with them in the future.

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Mochee Helps Champman Partnership Empowe the Homeless

With 800 beds and 93,500 admissions since 1995, Chapman Partnership is one of South Florida’s largest and most comprehensive homeless shelters. Mochee is thrilled to be working with the Chapman team to aid in spreading the center’s message to donors, volunteers and community leaders. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, Chapman Partnership and Mochee will promote fundraising events and volunteer opportunities while educating fans and followers on the issue of homelessness.

Chapman Partnership has a very impressive success rate, with 63% of their residents moving on to permanent or transitional housing. Their facilities include on-site clinics, three meals a day, banking services, job training and counseling, a full-service dental truck, worship meetings, after school child care and Head Start programs and personalized case management for each resident. Mochee has begun integrating this information in with staff spotlights and monthly campaigns each with individual calls to action from sharing a YouTube video to donating flip flops for a Summer-themed drive. Chapman Partnership was incorporated in 1993 and has been fighting homelessness relentlessly ever since. Mochee is so excited to have joined their effort and we will continue to use our social tools to help, “empower the homeless.”

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Meet Our Newest Client: Joya

Joya has just made sending mobile video easier than ever. The “grandma-proof” app compresses and uploads files instantly so that you can share videos of any size simply and without using text or email. The unique app will even tell you when your friends and family are watching your video. Files are opened easily on any phone and there’s no worrying about accidentally deleting it from your inbox or camera roll. Mochee has recently joined forces with Joya to spread the word about this innovative new application. By targeting mommy-bloggers and family-oriented influencers on Facebook and Twitter, Mochee is helping Joya establish themselves as the go-to video sharing platform for families in an often overcomplicated tech world. We test out a lot of apps in our office, and we’ve gotta say, this one is definitely Mochee approved!

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May 19th: This Week Mochee Loves

Sports, tech, fashion, and real estate! See what’s been the talk of the Mochee office this week!

Sports NBA Playoffs: The main topic of discussion in our office these days? The 2013 NBA Playoffs (Oh, and Dwayne Wade’s floodwater pants). We’re not the only ones who can’t keep quite about it either, in a MutualMind report that pulled social media data from April 10th to May 10th tweets about the 16 contending teams at the start of playoffs had a reach of 14,332,140,090! The Lakers took up most of the conversation with a 14.8% share of the social media voice, followed by the Heat with 13.4%. NBA Digital has also teamed up with Twitter, who will post short game highlights using the hashtag #NBARapidReplay.

 Tech Facebook: If you read our most recent blog post, you know that we have been gawking over Facebook all week. With a feature in Vanity Fair that gave a rare look inside the tech company’s amazing headquarters and an announcement that they have been added to the Fortune 500 list for the first time as the fastest company to make the list after going public, it’s clear that this social media godfather still has a lot to offer us.

 LOL Buzzfeed: Fun new obsession or the end of all productivity? We’re not sure yet. Either way, we can’t get enough of the website, Buzzfeed. Tech news, hilarious gifs and even lists upon lists of useless (but hilarious) topics like “25 Reasons Kids are the Best Form of Entertainment,” this site has everything. The company even started an effort to train agencies to tell stories the Buzzfeed way.

 Fashion Amanda Del Duca: We spend a lot of time looking through the blogosphere for the best fashion bloggers out there and we must say one of our faves is Maimi’s very own, Amanda Del Duca of Capture Fashion. Not many bloggers give us photography this good paired with outfits this hot, so we’re giving this platinum blonde two thumps up.

 Client Spotlight Echo Aventura & Echo Brickell: Property Market’s Groups latest projects, and some of our of our favorite clients, were all the buzz this week. With mentions in Forbes, Curbed Miami, and the Miami Herald, PMG seems to have Miami condo life in the palm of their hand. The Real Deal also hosted a developer and starchitect studded roundtable event at the site of Echo Aventura on Thursday night. Get to know Echo Aventura on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get to know Echo Brickell on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.