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Staying Connect the Virtual Way

Staying connected couldn’t be more important given the current situation we are now facing globally. Social media and virtual platforms allow each of us to reach people locally, nationally and even internationally. With events, seminars, and almost all entertainment being closed until further notice, our clients are looking for other ways to stay engaged during these trying times. Since majority of the population is sitting at home watching tv, movies, and bombarding our newsfeed with videos, companies should utilize live streaming more than ever before. We’ve done our research on a few live streaming options being considered by some of our clients. For details and features on the platforms we’ve taken the time to review, read below:  Platforms like Zoom, Vimeo, and Crowdcast allow companies and individuals to have flexible control over a live event or meeting. They all have the capability to utilize live chats and polls during the session with e-mail captures for each participant. Co-hosting an event on these platforms would also be very engaging and cool to connect various audiences.  Instagram Live is a great platform to connect with your current audience. Hosting live streams on Instagram Live allows attendees to use a platform they’re already familiar with from any mobile device. The host can answer live questions during the session and allow one attendee to join or co-host the live if they’d like to share their thoughts or comments. BlueJeans is great for hosting live events for large audiences. On BlueJeans you can engage up to 50,000 attendees with immersive video, Q&A, polling and large meeting controls. Live events can also stream to Facebook Live so millions can view the content. There are many virtual and remote sites available. Finding the best suitable platform depends on the needs of the client and their budget. With the world of technology increasing every day, there is a site or platform out to fit every business or brand. Let’s continue to practice social distancing while using the tools we have to stay connected to our communities and clients virtually. 

Patron Pops Barriers as The First Liquor Brand to Sell Bottles Via Instagram

Over the past few years, companies from several markets have tested Instagram’s platform to reach a social commerce and the liquor market is no longer an exception to the case. The tequila label Patrón is now the first liquor brand to sell their products through the Instagram app. Instagram users can now come across a Patrón advertisement on their Stories and can swipe up to shop. Once users swipe up on the advertisement, they will be able to place a liquor order through a few third-party platforms. As shopper’s checkout they can input their age and credit card information which the third-party platforms will have instead of Patrón, according to Adweek. So far, the social media delivery service is available in 48 states. This isn’t the first time Patrón has used innovative technology and trends to boost their companies marketing strategies. Over the last few years, the tequila brand has experimented with social media campaigns, Amazon Alexa, augmented reality and a variety of bots. However, most of their innovative projects haven’t involved social media commerce. In the spring of 2019, Instagram had expanded its position as a commerce business by adding a checkout feature to posts and stories. Instagram users can even leave their checkout information with the app in order to make the checkout process easier after their first purchase through the app. On posts that feature eligible items to shop will include a blue “Checkout on Instagram” button on the bottom of the post. Most of the early business partnerships for Instagram sales have featured retail and beauty products. However, Patrón’s partnership with social media commerce agency MikMak could prove to open new doors for liquor brands and other business markets. According to Adweek, the success of the advertisements will be based on the number of clicks, purchase intent and conversion rate. MikMak has helped create content for the brand that will emphasize the Patrón experience and products. Based on a Klear report in Mobile Marketer, Instagram stories now account for 1 in 3 sponsored Instagram posts in 2018. The biggest demographic that these social advertisements are appealing to are Gen Z who are most likely to purchase products through Instagram. If social media liquor advertisements prove to be successful, then liquor brands will have the opportunity to target younger consumers directly to drive sales.

Facebook Set to Hide Total Like Counts on Posts as a Move Toward User Mental Well-being

The days of stressing over how many likes your post received may be over.  Facebook announced it will be following its subsidiary Instagram’s lead of hiding total like counts on posts within the platform. After Instagram rolled out this change in designated regions earlier this year, Facebook is set to begin a test run in Australia this week. This change may seem small, but it is a step in the direction of Facebook’s broader goal of working to improve user mental well-being within their platforms. Research shows that users perceive like counts as a sort of validation — which can have negative effects on users mental health. After Instagram tested hiding total like counts in Canada and then Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand earlier this year, they did not publish data on the results of the tests. However, judging from Facebook’s move to follow suit, it seems as though it had positive effects. Facebook is moving towards focusing on the mental well-being of users and the removal of like counts — which are believed to increase social comparison and its associated negative impacts — may be a step in the right direction. In an interview with CBS News in June, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said, ”We don’t want Instagram to be such a competition. We want it to be a place where people spend more of their energy connecting with the people that they love and the things that they care about.” This change does not mean that users are totally blind to who has liked your photos. Users are still able to scroll through the people that have liked their posts,  they will just not be able to find a total number of likes as a number anywhere on the app.

IG Creates New Restrictions for Diet and Surgery Content

Recently, Instagram has announced that the social media app will be restricting some of the content dealing with diet products and cosmetic surgery. Instagram is taking action after there has been a large amount of criticism regarding the negative impact promoted posts for dietary supplements, products and cosmetic surgeries have had. A younger demographic especially, has been at risk of poor mental health and body image based on this type of content. Under new regulations, advertisement posts that feature products to help with weight-loss or feature a cosmetic procedure will be hidden from users under the age of 18. Also, posts that make a commercial offer to users while claiming to be a “miraculous” way to lose weight will be removed from the app.  Instagram’s public policy manager claimed: “we’ve sought guidance from external experts, including Dr. Ysabel Gerrard in the UK, to make sure any steps to restrict and remove this content will have a positive impact on our community of over 1 billion people around the world – whilst ensuring Instagram remains a platform for expression and discussion.” The social media app wants to sustain a positive environment especially for younger demographics using it. They hope that these restrictions will reduce the amount of body and beauty pressure that society faces. Within the next few weeks, Instagram will try out a feature where users can report posts that they find goes against these new policies. After Instagram reviews the content it will be appropriately handled. Actress Jameela Jamil has been working with Instagram in the past year to make this change happen. Jamil expressed her happiness in a recent Instagram post stating that “this is an extraordinary win that is going to make a big difference.” Jamil hopes that this initiative will hold influencers more accountable for the sponsored content they promote to their followers. She has been quick to criticize celebrities such as Cardi B and the Kardashians for promoting detox tea to their following. Jamil even created her own body-positive platform on Instagram, I Weigh, which has started a movement and boasts more than 855,000 followers.  With these new social media changes, apps such as Instagram can hope for more positivity on their platform especially with the help of body positive content.

IGTV is Now Rocking the Media World All On its Own!

IGTV has expanded to its own spot in the Apple Store. What was initially just Instagram’s way of displaying video content, IGTV, is now becoming its own stand-alone app. It will still be featured on Instagram but now on its own native platform, IGTV now has the potential to change video content. Over the last few years, apps focusing on video content such as YouTube have exploded in their popularity amongst young consumers. According to Variety, YouTube is No. 1 platform with U.S. teens. The same study detected that around 85% of Gen Z members use YouTube. The popularity of video platforms encouraged IGTV to take on a life of its own to receive similar numbers.  Anyone on the IGTV app will be able to create their own channel and share content with their followers. Currently there is a limit for most accounts to only post a video around 10 minutes long. However, for the future of IGTV, there potentially won’t be any limits. IGTV is trying to stray away from being a streaming service such as Netflix, so most content will be encouraged to be on the shorter side. The IGTV app will allow vertical and horizontal videos to be posted. This is a massive benefit for content creators and users who have had to work with the restrictive vertical video angles. Vertical videos were an instigator for capturing videos from your phone, but this new ability will be just as encouraging to digital creators. Currently, there is no discussion of whether advertisements will be featured on the IGTV app. IGTV wants to primarily center around the content to get the app popular on its own first. In the similar sense of Facebook videos, viewers will be able to interact on the IGTV app with comments and likes. Instagram is hoping for IGTV to attract new media stars and have a platform for less polished video content. The foundation of IGTV is based on the experience, Instagram wants its users to have and to have fun with the interactive curation of user videos. With IGTV prepping to launch, it will be a test for media companies to see if there is more room in the mobile video world. 

Supporting the Bahamas

Bahamians are in desperate need of help after the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Sunday as a Category 5. The storm has left 30 people dead and has completely destroyed many homes and pristine areas such as the island of Grand Bahama and Abaco.  The U.S. Government and several nonprofits such as the American Red Cross have taken action for rescue efforts and supply donations. As of Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard claims to have rescued 205 people. The government’s priorities have been set on helping the critically wounded and fixing destroyed infrastructure so it is no longer a potential hazard.  As the government has been working on rescue and relief efforts, many Bahamians have taken action into their own hands through social media. Multiple posts from residents have displayed the reality of the destruction they are currently living in. Some gut-wrenching posts consist of natives pleading to find their loved ones.  With the power of social media, companies have done substantial actions to assist Bahamians any way they can. Whether it’s cruise ships with loads of food, supply drives or a free semester for Bahamian students, people are coming to action.  The content has shown on the grounds devastation and has caused the mainstream media to galvanize support. Social media has become the primary communication tactic for inspiring assistance compared to other media. This is apparent as social media provides easy access to donation links through swiping up on IG stories and Facebook pages. Here at Mochee, we have sought to assist some of our clients in an effort to increase hurricane relief donations. Our clients include: Turnberry Marina, Books & Books, Jewish Community Services, Brightline, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District.  For Jewish Community Services, ONE Sotheby’s and Magic City Innovation District we created custom graphics for their pages. Each post clearly identifies where to donate and what supplies are needed. With Books & Books, we attached an emblem of the nation’s flag in support of the much-needed products.  Brightline’s content consisted of a digital animation featuring a message from the team, local donation spots and a full list of supplies. Actual footage of early donations and supply lists were included in posts for Turnberry Marina. The use and accessibility of social media pages are navigating and influencing individuals. All in the hopes of providing enough resources during this devastating natural disaster. We’re proud to work with so many clients who are stepping up to help our neighbors. 

MoMo Back to School Bonanza!

The week before Miami-Dade School District students headed back to school, we held our second annual Back to School Donation Bonanza drive right here at MoMo Studio alongside Moniomi Design.  MoMo Studio donated over 150 backpacks essential supplies for the school year…that’s 100 more than last year! Backpacks were stuffed with not only folders and wide-ruled paper, but also filled with color pencils, calculators, protractors and books! Big thanks to our friends, Valasan of Miami and Fabrice Tardieu, who allowed us to make a bigger impact on ourneighborhood of Little Haiti by donating uniforms and custom made shoes to the students nearby.  We also had enough leftover supplies that we were able to donate to Miami Edison Senior High School. We’re looking forward to making our annual school drive bigger than ever in 2020–if you would like to participate to donate, please drop us a note!

The Dangers of Influencer Marketing

As marketers utilize the trends of the business, most have noted the impressive use of influencer marketing. According to a marketing survey in 2018, 81% of marketers found that influencers use in their marketing plans was an effective strategy. Although having a good relationship between influencers and marketers is beneficial, the partnership can pose a threat to a brand.  These dangers vary from the changing dynamics of the industry to the actions of influencers. Regarding the issues on the industry side, the increasing popularity of influencers has led to poor engagement from followers’ overtime. Instagram feeds are overwhelmingly covered in this type of content which has forced followers to glaze over the posts. The abundance of influencers has also resulted in more skepticism from the public regarding the products they are sponsoring.  The FTC has cracked down on misleading influencer content with new advertisement restrictions. Now influencers have to reveal their relationship with a brand through hashtags before a sponsored post. This is why you will find that before most sponsored influencer posts there will be a #ad which drives engagement down even further.  Fitness influencer on social media online. Companies have to also be wary of the morality and honesty of the influencers they are working with. For instance, when Logan Paul posted a video of a dead body he found in the Japanese suicide forest, brands in partnership with him tried to get out as fast as they could. Paul’s decisions affected not only his brand but also put his partnering companies in jeopardy due to their relationship. Another major hurdle for marketers is verifying partnerships in advance to ensure influencers have not bought followers. With the update Instagram is said to roll out where they will hide the ‘like’ count on each post, this could make it harder for marketers to do their own vetting of the personality.  Despite the risks associated, marketers should continue to work with influencers and ensure that they don’t view the influencer themselves as a product. A company can avoid this by allowing full creative range to the influencer. Mochee continues to work with influencers in many capacities by creating thoughtful, strategic partnerships for our clients. 
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A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg

In a recent interview Jamie Miller, Vice President for public programs at the Aspen Institute questioned Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder, Chairman and CEO about his responsibility in deciding how content and ads are moderated on Facebook. Over time Facebook and its entities have become the ultimate outlet for Freedom of Speech allowing members to share beliefs, thoughts, photos, videos, and messages which have been as impactful as creating political revolutions. It also continues to provide an opportunity to spread propaganda and misinformation, which Facebook is being held more and more accountable for. The question is, should Mark Zuckerberg have the responsibility to decide what’s allowed? Do we really want a private company to control what and how content should be moderated? How much control is too much? Mark Zuckerberg believes the policies being asked of Facebook should be enforced across the whole Internet, and we agree. Think about it, although the content may be removed from Facebook it could still be accessible on other internet platforms and why is it Zuck’s responsibility to decide what kind of language is bullying or fake or inappropriate. He shouldn’t be deciding the fate of a breastfeeding photo or a political minority fighting for what they believe in.  Facebook currently employs over 30,000 people to monitor content and safety. They also made a bigger effort to identify fake accounts spreading false information, including the Russian accounts created during the 2016 election. Although Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts are a step in the right direct, some things shouldn’t be left for him to decide.  Check out these articles from his interview as well as this riveting segment from NPR on the subject. 

Changes to Instagram

Instagram has launched new functions that are both efficient and creative. Through Facebook, users can now receive and react to Instagram direct messages from their Facebook page inboxes. Now admins on the site can easily answer messages from their Instagram and Facebook Messenger in one location. Facebook’s goal to merge their messaging system with other platforms’ messaging methods is beneficial to businesses and social media agencies like Mochee. Before the new features, companies managing several social platforms had to split their attention between Instagram and Facebook. Now, people can save time and easily monitor their feedback and engagement. Users on Instagram can also expect a raise in engagement with a new creative element expanding how music can be incorporated into daily content. Individuals can add music stickers with an option for lyrics, which permits accounts to post videos with lyrics appearing along with the song selected. Instagram appears to be following the popular trend of music-related video clips which apps such as Vine and TikTok became famous for. With this feature, Mochee and other businesses operating Instagram accounts can now increase their engagement with stories to sing along to. How do you feel about the new functions being added to Instagram? For further details on Instagram messages read more here. For further details on Music Stickers read more here.