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Meet Our Newest Client: Joya

Joya has just made sending mobile video easier than ever. The “grandma-proof” app compresses and uploads files instantly so that you can share videos of any size simply and without using text or email. The unique app will even tell you when your friends and family are watching your video. Files are opened easily on any phone and there’s no worrying about accidentally deleting it from your inbox or camera roll. Mochee has recently joined forces with Joya to spread the word about this innovative new application. By targeting mommy-bloggers and family-oriented influencers on Facebook and Twitter, Mochee is helping Joya establish themselves as the go-to video sharing platform for families in an often overcomplicated tech world. We test out a lot of apps in our office, and we’ve gotta say, this one is definitely Mochee approved!

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May 19th: This Week Mochee Loves

Sports, tech, fashion, and real estate! See what’s been the talk of the Mochee office this week!

Sports NBA Playoffs: The main topic of discussion in our office these days? The 2013 NBA Playoffs (Oh, and Dwayne Wade’s floodwater pants). We’re not the only ones who can’t keep quite about it either, in a MutualMind report that pulled social media data from April 10th to May 10th tweets about the 16 contending teams at the start of playoffs had a reach of 14,332,140,090! The Lakers took up most of the conversation with a 14.8% share of the social media voice, followed by the Heat with 13.4%. NBA Digital has also teamed up with Twitter, who will post short game highlights using the hashtag #NBARapidReplay.

 Tech Facebook: If you read our most recent blog post, you know that we have been gawking over Facebook all week. With a feature in Vanity Fair that gave a rare look inside the tech company’s amazing headquarters and an announcement that they have been added to the Fortune 500 list for the first time as the fastest company to make the list after going public, it’s clear that this social media godfather still has a lot to offer us.

 LOL Buzzfeed: Fun new obsession or the end of all productivity? We’re not sure yet. Either way, we can’t get enough of the website, Buzzfeed. Tech news, hilarious gifs and even lists upon lists of useless (but hilarious) topics like “25 Reasons Kids are the Best Form of Entertainment,” this site has everything. The company even started an effort to train agencies to tell stories the Buzzfeed way.

 Fashion Amanda Del Duca: We spend a lot of time looking through the blogosphere for the best fashion bloggers out there and we must say one of our faves is Maimi’s very own, Amanda Del Duca of Capture Fashion. Not many bloggers give us photography this good paired with outfits this hot, so we’re giving this platinum blonde two thumps up.

 Client Spotlight Echo Aventura & Echo Brickell: Property Market’s Groups latest projects, and some of our of our favorite clients, were all the buzz this week. With mentions in Forbes, Curbed Miami, and the Miami Herald, PMG seems to have Miami condo life in the palm of their hand. The Real Deal also hosted a developer and starchitect studded roundtable event at the site of Echo Aventura on Thursday night. Get to know Echo Aventura on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get to know Echo Brickell on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Facebook: “The New Advertising Medium”

As a social media marketing firm, we quickly became accustomed to the world of Facebook advertising. Executing ads on the ever-growing platform has become a routine part of the day in the office, but as we hurried to meetings in the past weeks we began to see how undervalued and often misunderstood this service still is. Kurt Eichenwald and Vanity Fair (a must-read mag in the Mochee office) recently delved into the enchanting world of Facebook and its captain, Mark Zuckerberg. The article astutely points out just how much the tech company has changed the game. Just as radio and television breathed new life into the ad world, so has Facebook.

Besides the astounding simplicity of Facebook advertising (you literally never have to interact with an ad exec) and its competitive pricing, lets look at the capability of their “micro-targeting.” In January, Facebook introduced Graph Search to underwhelming response from investors, but this tool makes previous targeting strategies look obsolete. You want to only find the 5 people on Miami Beach that visited both Prime 112 and Yardbird in the past weekend? This makes it possible. Eichenwald points out that Facebook’s big-wigs see the company basically as an extensive and amazingly competent database. It may be taking longer to catch on than the quick allure of TV advertising, but one way or another, it is becoming the “new advertising platform.”

What we found most impressive from Vanity Fair’s super rare interviews with Facebook’s employees, management, and famous founder? The dedication to keep the company’s Menlo Park headquarters operating like a think-tank. Hundreds of different versions of Facebook are running on the web at any given time, each with buttons, colors and tabs tweaked, employees are encouraged to dream big (if they experience a brain block, video games are on standby) and “Zuck reviews,” which are glorified brainstorming sessions, are not uncommon. The entire team is dedicated to making sure consumers and advertisers alike are getting what they need out of the site without sacrificing any resources. And so far, so good. Facebook even allows brands to now roll out two ads at once and the site will automatically pull the ad that’s least effective. Zuckerberg says mobile usage is the most recent focus and we for one can’t wait to see what new strategies the Facebook team comes up with.

Read the entire Vanity Fair article here:





Mochee and Cook Smarts are Bringing People Back to the Dinner Table

Mochee is proud to announce our newest client, Cook Smarts! Cook Smarts has recognized the difficulty of getting dinner on the table and bringing everyone together to share it and has come up with simple and innovative recipes and video tutorials to make this daily task a little more manageable. With a focus on healthy, but tasty food options, Cook Smarts will roll out their full meal plan subscription on May 1st. Providing four easy-to-prepare meals per week, corresponding grocery lists and step-by-step directions, subscribers will have access to recipes that create a “happier and smarter” kitchen. Mochee has begun promoting Cook Smarts message via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have also used Pinterest to reach out to foodies everywhere with boards for food quotes, dream kitchens, key ingredients and party planning tips. We are so excited to get things cooking with our new member of the Mochee family! Stay tuned for news, updates and mouth watering pics from Cook Smarts. #nomnom

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April 16th: This Week Mochee Loves…

Tech, fashion, music, movies and food! See what’s been the talk of the Mochee office this week!

Tech Vine: This week, Mochee took some time to get acquainted with the app world’s new mini movie maker, Vine. The app that allows you to “Share life in motion,” was launched by Twitter on January 24th and caught on quickly, taking the top spot for free downloaded apps last week. So who exactly is using the new platform? Paul McCartney, Burberry and Rolling Stone magazine to name a few. So which Mochee client will be the first to take on Vine for marketing purposes? We’ll keep you updated!

Pop Culture Daft Punk: If you spend as much time in the blogosphere as we do, then you know there was no getting away from the uber-talented duo, Daft Punk this week. First came the launch of their “Saint Laurent Music Project” ad installment, followed by their “Get Lucky” teaser at Coachella featuring Pharell (our Mochee crush) and an announcement today that Kanye West collaborated with the electronic music legends in Paris for his upcoming album. Daft Punk has been unstoppable lately and we certainly don’t mind.

Movies The Great Gatsby: It may be excessive, but we decided to reread F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic in preparation for this Blockbuster moment. With Leo front and center and a soundtrack worth venturing into a Best Buy to snag, we’ve been counting down the days to May 10th. The newly released trailer didn’t help our Gatsby obsession either.

Music Rihanna: With the Diamonds World Tour finally landing in South Florida this weekend, it’s only appropriate that “Pour it Up” has been on repeat in the Mochee office. Riri’s Instagram alone makes her one of today’s most crush-worthy celebs, and that custom Givenchy wardrobe we’ve been seeing all over Tumblr? Hot gyal! We’ll be live tweeting from her show Saturday night so be sure to follow Mochee.

Client Spotlight Daily Melt: In the midst  of National Grilled Cheese month we’ve been posting about all things cheesy, toasty and melty. The Daily Melt’s two locations in Midtown and Coral Springs celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day last week with hundreds of free sandwiches and for the remainder of April you can add bacon or extra cheese to any of your favorite meals for free. For more deals and mouth watering pics follow Daily Melt on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Mochee Clients Reaching Social Media Milestones

This was a big week in numbers for Mochee! Two of our clients hit social media milestones with the help of their fans. Congratulations to Martin Miller’s Gin for reaching 7,000 Facebook fans and 5,000 Twitter followers and to Cosabella for reaching 10,000 Facebook fans!

For Martin Miller’s Gin, Mochee focuses on targeting mixologists, bartenders, food & beverage bloggers and general gin lovers for engagement. Content focuses on cocktail recipes, reviews, history of the brand and fan poll questions. The target audience for Cosabella includes fashionistas everywhere with a special focus on bloggers in their flagship cities. Content focuses on product previews, giveaways, event coverage, press hits and features on Cosabella stores across the world. Next up for these international brands…Instagram anyone? Thank you so much to the loyal fans of Martin Miller’s Gin and Cosabella for their continued support!


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Mochee Teams up with Independent Film, ‘Emilio’

With ‘Emilio’ as the latest addition to our client portfolio, Mochee will be working
within the film industry for the first time! This coming of age movie tells the story
of a young Mexican immigrant taking on the streets of Los Angeles. A portrait of
perseverance, loyalty and youth, ‘Emilio’ will begin theater previews in April across
select major US cities. The independent film market has found a perfect partner
in social media; a way to directly talk to film industry pros and share insider
details of the movie with fans. Mochee will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
YouTube as tools in helping to gain even more recognition for this inspiring piece
from Landmark Films. Alongside industries like real estate, retail, fitness, political
campaigns, food and beverage, automobile, fashion, interior design and music,
Mochee can now add film to our resume!

Watch the official trailer for Emilio here:

Make sure to follow Emilio and stay tuned for info on the upcoming screening in Miami:





Daily Melt Opens in Midtown with a Mochee Tweet-Up!

In celebration of the Daily Melt’s latest location opening, Mochee teamed up with the Miami New Times to execute an exclusive lunchtime tweet-up. For weeks prior, Mochee promoted “Meet up at the Melt” through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Mochee targeted frequent Midtown Miami shoppers, food bloggers and locals looking for a new spot to dine with direct tweets and promoted posts. Turnout for the event was fantastic! With help from the Miami New Times Street Team, Daily Melt got crowds of new customers, including some of Miami’s favorite foodies, in their doors tasting some of the spot’s most creative sandwiches and signing up for free giveaways.

Mochee covered the event on all social media platforms and interacted with fans live-tweeting from Daily Melt. The tweet-up put Midtown’s newest lunch hub on the social radar; Daily Melt reached 2,000 Facebook fans soon after, received coverage from UrbanDaddy and Thrillist Miami, and began racking up Yelp reviews and Foursquare check-ins.

Here is some of the coverage and social attention from “Meet up at the Melt:”


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Social Media by the Numbers

Even in an age where everyone owns a Smart Phone and access to wifi is almost impossible not to come by in a public setting, we at Mochee still hear the question “Do people really take the time to use social media?” Not only are individuals like you and I using it, but now more than ever, brands, public organization, schools and public figures have caught on to the benefits of being socially engaging online. Don’t believe us? We’ve put to together a list of some of our industry’s most impressive stats to show you just how far Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr are reaching.

40% of people say that they socialize more online than they do in person
2 million blog posts are published each day
1 out of every 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook
Facebook is accessed by 7,000 types of devices every day
50% of Smart Phones connect to Facebook every hour of every day
32% of all internet users are using Twitter
The average Twitter user follows 6 brands
53% increase in purchase intent when users see a Promoted Tweet
11 Twitter accounts are created every second
More than 5 million images are uploaded to Instagram daily
In 6 months Instagram’s average daily mobile visitors jumped 724%
625,000 users join Google+ each day
Every second 1 new user joins LinkedIn
Pinterest referrals spend 70 percent more money than visitors referred from non-social channels
19% of all female internet users use Pinterest
700 videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Stats from Mediabistro, Huff Post Tech, Digital Buzz, Brandwatch and Digiday.

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Complete Coverage of the Oscars with Cosabella Amore

For an emerging brand like Cosabella Amore, officially unveiling during the 2013 Oscars is a big deal, to say the very least. With over 40 million viewers, and ad spots almost as coveted as those during the Super Bowl, showing off your product during the Academy Awards means lots of new fans and consumers and even more coverage via social media. Cosabella Amore premiered its “Dear Lingerie” commercial as the last segment of JCP’s “Yours Truly” ad series that ran throughout the big show. Mochee was there to live tweet the whole evening about the fashion, the awards and of course the anticipation of seeing Cosabella Amore.

Preparation for the commercial began long before Oscar Sunday. In a coordinated effort with Cosabella Amore, Mochee created a content calendar to make sure that coverage of the big night was complete and all encompassing. As the event grew closer, Mochee posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter announcing a big surprise was on its way, and created two original fashion boards inspired by the red carpet and a cozy watch party, to get fans in the award season spirit. Cosabella Amore’s individual ad spot came out with impressive viewership and has over 110,000 YouTube views to date. Post coverage of the commercial’s premier included posting the link on all social media platforms and engaging fans in discussion to gather feedback.

The ultimate goal of social media for a brand launch like this is to get people talking. With dozens of tweets and Facebook comments coming in regarding Cosabella Amore, we’d call the Oscar debut of this flirty new brand a smash hit!




View the Cosabella Amore “Dear Lingerie” ad here:
View the original fashion boards created for this event:
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