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Connect with Ivana Berendika Jermoluk!

Ivana Berendika Jermoluk has established herself as a successful commercial model and has now reached out to Mochee to help her build a brand in anticipation of her new jewelry line launch. Mochee has assisted Ivana in securing personal social media pages and adding additional content on her LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr regarding her background in fashion and design education, her roots in Belgrade and her day to day inspiration. As her personal connections begin to grow on these pages, so will her brand recognition. Her new jewelry line, Arme De L’Amour, will launch in 2013 and with Mochee’s help the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will be able to display some of Ivana’s most unique pieces and interact with potential consumers. Building a brand from the bottom can be challenging socially, but with Ivana’s connections within the local fashion community and Mochee’s experience in networking and brand awareness, this will soon be a dynamic team! Follow all updates here:

Twitter: @IvanaBerendika


Instagram: @IvanaBerendika







ONE Sotheby’s Facebook Page Named one of the Top 100 Real Estate Pages to ‘Like!’

Mochee is so proud to announce that Realty Biz News has named the One Sotheby’s International Realty page one of the 100 Real Estate Pages you should ‘like’ on Facebook! With thousands of pages on the social site dedicated to real estate news and updates, this is a huge honor for the South Florida branch of Sotheby’s. Mochee was a key part in helping to establish One Sotheby’s early social media presence and we are proud to have worked with them for almost three years.

Today, with almost 15,000 fans and the priciest sale in Miami-Dade county history under their belt after 2012, One Sotheby’s has the eyes of realtors, consumers and locals on them now more than ever. The page came in at number 32 on Realty Biz’s list alongside real estate heavyweights, Trulia, and Realtor Magazine. Congratulations to One Sotheby’s! Read the whole list on (link to article) and ‘like’ the One Sotheby’s Facebook page (link) for all of the insider details on the growing South Florida market.


Get to Know Our Latest Client, Baltus Collection

Baltus Collection is the newest addition to the Mochee portfolio! Based out of Marbella, Spain, this international brand specializes in architecturally exquisite furniture in the luxury market. Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, Mochee has begun attracting existing fans and consumers to Baltus’ beautiful pieces while engaging new fans on a daily basis. Mochee has also begun executing the Third Annual Icon Awards. For the first time, the winner of this renoned award will be chosen solely by the votes of Facebook users and we are proud to be a part of launching this prestigious award into the social age!  Baltus has been featured in countless press clippings, design books and design showcases and we can’t wait to share all of this amazing content with Baltus lovers everywhere. Follow updates here:






Introducing Cosabella Amore!

We are so excited to welcome Cosabella Amore to the Mochee family! This playful new intimates brand will inspire women and girls to use lingerie as a fashion accessory, adding pops of color and hints of lace to their wardrobes. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Mochee will assist Cosabella Amore in creating brand recognition and work to drive consumers to and JCPenny stores, where the new line is now available. With bras, panties, loungewear and apparel, Cosabella Amore is the perfect blend of affordability and style. Follow updates on the latest pieces and inspiration here:

Facebook Fan Page: Cosabella Amore
Twitter: @cosabellaamore
 Instagram: @CosabellaAmore


Taking a Closer Look at Facebook’s New “Graph Search”

Despite its obvious benefits, one of the glaring challenges of marketing on Facebook can be the difficulty and time required to sift through over 500 million worldwide users in order to reach your target audience. The creation of targeted ads helped this along, and the latest addition to Facebook features, the “Graph Search,” has brought targeting even further. Now in beta, this new tool allows users to enter general terms and keywords into a search engine and get simplified results. At a unveiling with journalists on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg was very clear that this tool isn’t a “web search,” but rather a search limited to Facebook content and for privacy reasons, limited to content that your friends or fans have already agreed to share with you. Graph Search isn’t letting you access any more information, but it is allowing you to access the loads of information available to you more efficiently.

At the unveiling Zuckerberg and Facebook’s other top dogs showed off the new feature by searching things like “Photo’s of Facebook employees,” “Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India,” and “Friends who like Harry Potter.” This capability has its advantages for personal interactions of course, but the marketing benefits shouldn’t be ignored. For one, this gives more of an advantage to your brand when it is “liked” by a fan. If someone likes your hair salon for example, you are now the answer to someone’s query about “local hair salon’s my friends like.” For now, the search engine only has access to people, picture, places, and interests, but posts and statuses will not be far behind according to Facebook. This means that you can see what people are saying about your brand name, your product, your market, and your industry, which ultimately leads to more engagement.


The Miami Hashtag that Took Over the World

This past weekend I witnessed one of the most incredible (and coolest) things to unfold before my eyes on Twitter. (Well aside from the Osama Bin Laden breaking news and other world events, this was a little more close to home)

So… at around 3:00pm in the afternoon on Sunday I was sitting at the movie theater waiting for Bridesmaids to start and naturally was on my phone checking my tweets. I noticed that some of my buddies were using the hashtag #Top10lies and describing the funniest and most absurd lies they had heard in Miami. One of my favorites was from @ViceQueenMaria and it said “Homested is only 20 minutes away from the airport and Miami Beach” (ha, I feel bad for the sucker that falls for that!) I chimed in with a few of my own and then put my phone away like a good movie goer.

A few hours later I was back on the computer and realized that the #top10lies hashtag had caught on like wildfire and was being used by people in countries as far away as Iceland and Antartica! It was unbelievable that almost every corner of the globe was sharing their #Top10Lies. The hashtag was so hot that the regular topic for the bi-weekly #MiamiRealEChat was switched  to #Top10Lies, and I have to say those were some of the funniest ones I had seen all day!

This post is a shoutout to the Miami Rat Pack (you know who you are) for this awesome accomplishment!  It’s been a couple of days since the phenomena and the hashtag is still popping up in tweets! This really makes me believe that Miami’s social media community is way ahead of the curve compared to other cities, glad to be a part of it!


Using Social Media to connect with your Community

Don’t let Facebook and Twitter fool you, they’re not just to stalk your exes or tell the world about the sad leftovers you’re having for dinner. If you really take the time to drown out the noise of all the Farmville baby cows and “omg, 2 more days ‘til Friday” rants, you’ll find that Facebook and Twitter are some of best sources to interact and learn about what’s going on in your community.  These real-time portals are where people are talking about the issues happening right outside your door and where they are joining forces to make a difference.

Whether you’re trying to activate your neighbors for a cause or even if you’re just looking for a place to grab a drink with friends- you can turn to these social networks for help. Almost every business now has a presence on Facebook- from the local dog groomer to multinational corporations- and is using it to engage customers like yourself by offering a closer look into their companies, asking for feedback and even providing special discounts and offers for ‘fans’. By keeping tabs of your favorite local businesses on Facebook you can save money and share your positive (or negative) experiences with others. You can also rally your neighbors by creating ‘Groups’ to share neighborhood news (missing pets, upcoming events, etc.) or to discuss topics that are affecting everyone (Is the construction work on Biscayne Boulevard ever going to be done?!?).

These days it seems everyone is on Twitter too- even madman Charlie Sheen! Twitter works in real-time with short messages that are 140 characters or less. Similar to Facebook, businesses are using Twitter as a way to talk to consumers, answer customer service concerns and more. Once you start ‘following’ your favorites you can send them questions and comments, which will be responded quickly. (For example, send a tweet to your favorite bar- “what are your happy hour specials tonight?”) As you become more comfortable on Twitter you will find many local ‘experts’ to follow that live nearby and have updates on area happenings and insider information. It’s a totally new way of meeting your neighbors and becoming involved in the community.

By using Facebook and Twitter you open yourself to new realm of information and connect with people you may never know otherwise. It’s also a great place to find deals, share your experiences and create an online ‘community’ beyond your zip code. Next time you’re walking your pup or watering the lawn, greet your neighbor and ask them if they’re on Facebook (or Twitter)!

Local Businesses/Organizations on Facebook:

Miami Design District

One Sotheby’s Real Estate

Green Monkey Yoga- Midtown

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

Community Partnership for Homeless/NextGen

29 Street Crossfit

Local Businesses/Organizations  on Twitter:

Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill

Sakaya Kitchen

Blue Piano

Mia Biscayne

Miami New Times

Lime Fresh Mexican

Mochee Inc.


Love when celebrities tweet us back!

I’ve been using social media for a long long time… (not even ashamed to admit that I met my fiance on MySpace when the website first launched in 2004) and one of the things that keeps amazing me about it is how it allows me to connect with things and people that I would never had dreamed of. Prime example is celebrities and tastemakers on Twitter…. (and ok, I’m not ashamed to admit I follow alot of them) it makes me feel very glam to know that @NicoleRichie is having croissants at the Ritz in Paris and that Marie Claire editor @NinaGarcia is vacationing in Cartagena. They’re like my old familiar friends and I’m coming along for the ride.

Since I got on Twitter in 2009, I’ve definitely sent my share of tweets to celebs and it’s beyond exciting when I get a reply back. My first celeb tweet was from Dita Von Teese and since then I’ve gotten replies from Venus Williams, RyeRye, Doug Benson and even New Jersey Real Housewife Dina Manzo and Giggy the Pom. But I have to admit the most fabulous celeb tweet I got was today from Tracey Thorn- the singer of my favorite band of all time Everything But the Girl (next to Dave Matthews Band, of course). I’ve been obsessed with EBTG since like 6th grade but since they’ve been super under the radar and live in the UK, I’ve never had the chance to see them live. Getting a tweet from Tracey is like the new ‘autographed album’, and even if it was just a fleeting  moment for her, it made me feel like a loved fan. Who would have ever thought that you could talk to your idol through your computer? This proves that social media is really connecting the world and breaking all barriers, whether those be location, socio-economic status, class, etc.

So in case you don’t believe me- here’s the said celebrity tweet. Have you ever been tweeted by a star? If you have share it with us!


Mochee Gives Back- Volunteering at Community Partnership for Homeless

A while back last summer our friend Tracy asked us to volunteer at the Community Partnership for Homeless (CPH) in Downtown Miami and we’ve been helping out ever since. Last Sunday, we sponsored our first meal service, where we raised  $600 in funds to provide dinner for the entire shelter.  We got a great group of 12 of our friends together who all pitched in to cover the cost and help serve.  We all got to wear hair nets (except the baldies), aprons and gloves. We served over 450+ meals that were tasty and well balanced- the menu included BBQ Chicken, Scalloped potatoes, peas & corn, salad, homemade brownies and Publix baked bread.
As members of the NextGen Executive board, we are responsible for maintaining the groups Facebook page- make sure to check it out and become a fan to stay updated with upcoming volunteer opportunities and events: . CPH operates two Homeless Assistance Centers with a total 702 beds for men, women and children and is the only homeless center in the U.S. that has a dog kennel for the pets of homeless residents.
If you’re interested in putting together your own Meal service night for your company or friends send us an email and we’ll help you set it up-  nothing beats the feeling of giving back to the less fortunate. Hope to see you at the next Meal Service!



Welcome to our new site!

We’ve been non-stop since the year ended and we’re excited to start 2011 with a new website and a roster of new clients that include Fisher Price and Xante Pear Spirit! As we prepare and get the ball rolling with these two big names, feel free to browse around the new website that was created by our friend Ivan Mladenovic and his awesome team at Preemo. It’s been a couple months in the making and we are beyond proud of the result!
Like I mentioned, we’ve just closed two contracts- with Fisher Price and Xante Pear Spirit. Although these two brands could not be more different, we are working on implementing strategies that will capture their respective audiences on Facebook and Twitter. Amy and myself will be traveling to New York to cover the Fisher Price Toy Fair, a blogger event that will be hosted at the Loews Hotel. Definitely stay tuned to our blog for more information on this very fun project!  We’re also happy to be working with Xante Pear Spirit (featured on – it’s a totally new and different type of liquer that won’t ruin your diet- we’re going to be making some fun Xante cocktails at our upcoming Brunch Party- stay tuned for photos and recipes!
If you’re not following us yet, we’re not sure what you’re waiting for! We’re on Facebook and Twitter – we promise we’ll keep it interesting (and by interesting we mean, funny stories and lots of photos of our cute puppies Beo and Pinky, haha!)
Try the Xante ‘Golden Retriever’ Cocktail
1 1/2 oz Xanté
Place a shot glass of Xanté in a small bowl of ice.
Gently pour your favorite champagne, chilled of course, in a tulip glass.
Consume in whichever order you prefer.