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Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 State of Social Video Report

Consumer and Marketer Trends report shows video is one of the fundamental elements in social media marketing.
The report by surveyed 1000 consumers and 500 marketers to help analyze how video is influencing purchaser behavior.

This was meant to help understand if marketers are actually keeping up with the constant changes and increase in “video-first landscape.”

The top three challenges marketers face when creating a video is that it’s time consuming, the tools and software can be complicated, and sometimes video is out of their budget. That is why 84% of marketers rank video creation skills important when hiring for a marketing position.

The survey showed 93% of businesses gained new customers due to video on social media. Also, 88% of marketers are satisfied with the return on marketing investment of the actual video efforts, which emphasizes the importance of video as an element of marketing.

The social media ROI showed 63% of marketers ranked video as their #1 or #2 as the type of content that gets the best return when investing in social media marketing.

The report by Animoto also showed the top three platforms for video marketing were Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

On Facebook, 81% of marketers put ads against video. On Instagram 74% of marketers posted at least two videos on Instagram stories a month. On YouTube, 70% of marketers post video to boost their brand’s social media presence.

Video content as a marketing technique has become so important due to consumers great response to it. 73% of marketers are creating at least two videos a month for social media marketing.

When comparing video, photo/graphics, blog posts, and infographics, video was the one with the #1 Social media ROI.




Now Instagram Users can see Merchandise on Instagram Stories and Purchase Them too

On Monday, September 17th, Instagram announced that users can now purchase items directly from Instagram Stories and the Explore tab.

According to CNBC markets, the app company began to test shopping in stories in June and now the feature is available for businesses in up to 46 countries.

This new feature will let users tap on the items they like on their story and this will reveal additional details including price and the link to purchase the item.

Instagram stated that 90 million users already tap photos to see the details on shopping posts.

Shopping will also be available on Instagram’s explore channel beginning Monday. This feature will only be available in select locations for now but the company hopes to launch it globally in the next few weeks.

This channel is meant to be personalized with the brands that the user follows and with the brands Instagram recommends according to interests.

In a statement Instagram said:
“Shopping is more than an errand – it’s also about what you discover along the way. For many people on Instagram, shopping is an entertaining way to get inspired and connect with new and interesting brands”
Instagram will continue to test new features that can make their app the best place to find inspiration and shop favorite brands. We’re big fans of this new feature at Mochee but our wallets are a bit apprehensive!



What You Need to Know About Instagram Building an App just for Shopping

Last Tuesday, The Verge reported Instagram is working on a shopping app. Nothing has been officially announced, but two people familiar with the matter say it would let people purchase directly on the app. It may be called IG Shopping.
According to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, more than 25 million businesses already have Instagram accounts and 2 million are advertisers. Also, four in five Instagram users follow at least one business on Instagram.
This means the amount of time people use looking at an Instagram feed and the amount people they follow can be used to bring revenue to the businesses showing their products.
Facebook has been working on ways to help merchants increase their revenue by making tools for businesses trying to advertise their products on Instagram.
There are companies like Four Sixty and Shopify already giving advertisers the tools to sell products within Instagram. They help with things like making photos on Instagram feeds shoppable.

CEO of FourSixty Michael Chancula says:
“It’s not just about great visuals, you have to create an identity and learn from what your competitors are doing. There are no limits to how powerful Instagram can be for your brand. Instagram has been responsible for helping launch some of the best eCommerce brands in the world.”
The Verge reports Instagram started testing shopping features in November of 2016 and slowly became more wildly accessed by March of the following year.

IGTV was introduced last June and Instagram also hopes to release a feature that lets people purchase things from stories. We’ll continue to monitor the access to the new app and how our clients can take advantage of this powerful tool!


MoMo Donation Drive

 A few days before Miami-Dade Public School students headed back to school, we held a school supply giveaway with our office mates, Moniomi Design. At Mochee, we have always tried to give back to local charities that are close to our heart but this season we wanted to make a direct impact on our immediate neighbors.

With a small amount of fundraising, we were able to raise enough money to fill more than 50 backpacks with all the essentials elementary through high school students would need including uniforms donated by our friends at Valsan. With the few boxes of supplies we had leftover, we headed to Toussaint Louverture Elementary School who were overjoyed by the donations.

Shout out to our friends at Simply Good Miami and Klean Sweets for bringing healthy and delicious treats during the event. 


Apple Allows You to “Use Your Gadgets Less”

Last month, Apple Inc. revealed that most of their users are truly addicted to their devices! Unlike the last several years, Apple held this year’s conference not on their new software updates and operating systems but on the complete opposite: How to use gadgets less!

Engineers with Apple have been working on a new tool within the iOS 12 that tracks the amount of time spent on certain apps. Within the last year, other companies like Google and Android began offering the same tool reminding people to take a break from using their devices so frequently throughout the day.

Inside both Instagram and Facebook’s dashboard, the “Settings” button is exactly where you can find this new handy tool. In Facebook, click “Your Time on Facebook” and on Instagram, click “Your Activity.”

We’re on the fence within our office on who and why people will use it. We can see this being a needed and powerful tool for parents but for ourselves, we won’t be signing up anytime soon. We’ll be keeping an eye on if this will impact social media usage. Will you be using the new settings?


For more information, check out the links below:

Facebook and Instagram now show how many minutes you use them



Instagram Highlights – Mochee Style

At Mochee, we’re always excited to tackle the newest platform offerings. Highlights rolled out as one of Instagram’s biggest update in late 2017 and we’re all about them. From using it as a portfolio to telling a brand’s story, Highlights offer our clients a new way to showcase their assets.

The best way to activate Highlights is by hiring Mochee 🙂 But if you need some help on your own, here’s a quick guide.

By clicking on your personal page, located at the bottom right of your screen (your Instagram icon) you can see the “New” add button:

By simply clicking on the “+ New” button above, your Instagram Highlights option will appear. Opening this new section of your Instagram will provide many opportunities to advertise your profile.

After clicking on the “+ New” button, a set of series in your “Archived Stories” will appear where you can select from a range of all your old post. Another option is clicking the original “Archived” button on the top right corner of your main page.

Thankfully, Instagram Highlights are easily customizable! By holding down on any of your Highlights, a pull-up tab will appear giving you the option to “Edit Highlight”.

From here, you can customize your cover photo, name of the Highlight & the organization of your photos!


Just like Instagram Stickers, this is an amazing crowdsourcing tool that provides categorizing of whatever topic of your choice.

Each of these categories includes our top Instagram story hits that stay featured on our home Instagram page. Instagram’s Insider recently stated that over 400 million users log on and watch Instagram stories daily.


Mochee Brings Bright Ideas to Brightline Content

Mochee is keeping Brightline social media on track!

We started working with South Florida’s newest transportation option leading up to their initial launch of service in fall 2017. Brightline connects Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach with high-speed trains that make getting around South Florida easier and more enjoyable – forget sitting in traffic on 95, we want to travel in comfort (with snacks and cocktails) on the train!

Mochee is strategically helping Brightline grow their social media presence, promoting messaging to increase awareness and create excitement among locals and visitors alike. Our responsibilities include posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media advertising, online reputation management, customer service, giveaway coordination, live coverage of Brightline events, and creating compelling social media content.

Mochee 2.0 designs graphics and was behind a very successful photo shoot capturing the Brightline experience. From outside the station, to scanning your ticket, and getting work done while you travel, the photographs show various facets of riding the train. The Mochee creative division is preparing for another photo shoot soon!

Some of the campaigns Mochee has enacted for Brightline include:

Train Safety: Promoting train safety tips through graphics and consistent messaging.
‘Brightline in Focus’ Photo Contest: The public was asked to submit their best train photos, with the winner receiving a monthly pass and cash prize. More than 100 photos were submitted! See the winning photo.
MiamiCentral Opening: Creating buzz around the opening of the Miami station with behind-the-scenes Live videos, opening party coverage, and posting new station features.

We are excited to continue applying our extensive experience to this exciting client: building a following, maximizing reach and implementing strategic campaigns. Keep an eye out for creative content, exciting activations, possibly even a familiar face or two.

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A Short Guide to Instagram Stickers

At Mochee, we are always exploring ways to improve our client’s Instagram content. Instagram Stories have become extremely useful in developing an online identity and with the sticker menu, Mochees have found fun and unique way to engage with IG users.

With so many stickers at your disposal, we wanted to list out some of our favorite IG stickers and how to use them.With the @mention sticker, you can tag other users on your story. The @mention lets you start interesting conversations. If your account is public the users you tagged will be able to add your content to their own stories and give credit where it’s needed.

When you add a Hashtag sticker, people who tap the sticker will be redirected to a hashtag page. This is a great way to make your stories part of trending conversations. In addition, your posts will be included in the Story ring for that hashtag.

If you select the Location sticker, you can add geographically specific stickers showing where you are. Also, if a user is searching for that specific location they can view your content by tapping on the Story ring. The location sticker can prove to be useful when you find yourself in a popular location or big event so that new IG users discover your profile.The Poll and Slider Emoji sticker are two of our favorite stickers to use at Mochee. These stickers are amazing crowdsourcing tools since we get to understand what users think about certain topics. You can create customized questions and provide followers with options to choose from. The slider also allows your audience to express their interest in something. Followers feel more involved with your profile when they use these stickers.

Instagram’s newest, Question sticker is different than the polls because you can now ask your followers questions or prompt them to ask you questions. The day it was released Mochee used this tool to help one of our favorite client’s Books & Books. Followers provided over 40 responses and thoughtful questions that we answered through Instagram highlights. Overall this sticker is meant to facilitate conversations.

Why are all these stickers so useful? With of a 1 billion monthly active user base, it’s important to develop Instagram stories that are creative and customized to your follower’s interests.


What is IGTV?

To all our savvy Instagram users, the social media platform has released the newest and greatest, IGTV. IGTV is both a standalone and within Instagram app. By now, most users might have noticed the new button on the top of their screens. IGTV is a new app that allows Insta-users to watch videos, up to one hour in length, from their favorite influencers and content creators. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, stated the new app “is different in a few ways. First, it’s built for how you use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. Also, unlike on Instagram, videos aren’t limited to one minute.” The great part about IGTV is that while content is curated to your interests, users can still discover more by switching between ‘For You’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Continue Watching’.

Instagram is making additional efforts on producing features for its demanding users, but the app might also be attempting to keep up with other social platforms such as, YouTube.  IGTV offers a whole new set of tools for current content creators and may also attract influencers and internet celebrities from YouTube. Mochee is already implementing content for our clients on IGTV as well as our own channel, be sure to check it out!


Instagram Adds New Features

Instagram is continuing to up the game with the announcement of some exciting new features. First, Instagram is now letting all users “regram” public posts in Stories. The new feature has been tested for a couple of months and is rolling out to users now. Before, users would have to go through the hassle of taking screenshots and then add posts they liked to their Story. Now, the process has become simpler. Press the airplane button below the post and tap on “Add post to your story”. You can move, resize and add stickers to make that post Story worthy.

In addition, Instagram announced a new mute feature that will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks. The mute feature, allows Instagram users to mute certain accounts from appearing in their feed without having to unfollow them.

Why is the mute feature such a big deal? The mute feature empowers users to further customize the content they receive. This new addition is Instagram’s response to its principal users, who have stated the platform has fallen short in user experience. Instagram is working on letting its users control the feed they receive and making profiles customized to their interests. As we increase the number of accounts we follow our feeds may sometimes get clogged up, so the mute feature serves as “clean-up” to cluttered accounts.

Finally, the mute feature will also have an impact on social influencers, incentivizing them to produce higher quality posts. It will be more challenging for them to maintain a captive audience, now that people can ignore them. Who will you be muting? NOT MOCHEE!