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Case Study: Baptist Health South Florida



Baptist Health approached Mochee with the task of refining their social media strategy to align
with their overarching marketing goals. Beginning
with a comprehensive audit of their existing social media platforms, we meticulously analyzed audience engagement, content performance,
and brand presence across various channels. Furthermore, we conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders within the marketing departments to gain valuable insights into their objectives, challenges, and vision for social media. Armed with this extensive data, we developed a tailored playbook designed to optimize their social media infrastructure and drive maximum results.

Baptist Health Self care campaign by Mochee


Our strategy encompassed innovative approaches to content creation, audience targeting, community engagement and paid, all aimed at enhancing brand visibility and fostering meaningful connections with their niche audience, and ultimately driving more traffic to their hospitals and urgent care centers.


Since implementing the strategy, Baptist Health’s social media platforms have achieved significant improvements in social media metrics, including faster follower growth, higher engagement rates, and enhanced brand perception and patient loyalty. They have also grown their in-house social media team to meet the needs of each of their internal verticals, in turn counting on Mochee for more content creation and fine tuning of the strategy based on the constant changing social media landscape.

In 2021, Baptist Health engaged Mochee to develop a forward-thinking social media strategy that considered the needs of all service centers and verticals within the organization. The Covid-19 pandemic thrust BHSF’s social media channels into the forefront of everyone’s mind as the hospital system worked to keep its community informed and engaged. This shift created unprecedented demand for the platforms, and balancing the demand to communicate information with clearly defined content priorities that are relevant to our target audience became a challenge.

Mochee spent weeks interviewing key stakeholders across the organization, understanding the brand structure and future goals, and business goals as well. As a result, we created a playbook that outlined best practices for executing a sound social strategy that would deliver on KPIs for the team, and further grow the impact of the channels and the engagement of the audience. As a result, we identified the need for additional channels specific to certain COEs and defined how those would play in the more prominent brand social media ecosystem.


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Baptist Health South Florida