Bluehouse Salmon

Case study: Bluehouse Salmon

Mochee was tasked with launching the social media presence for Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse Salmon consumer brand in late 2019.

Mochee has been responsible for ideating and executing unique content series, including recipe videos and engaging campaigns such as “Heart Health”, “Sustainability Month” and “Bluehouse Moments”. By activating an influencer network, strategic giveaways, and a paid ad campaign, Mochee has grown the Bluehouse Salmon follower base to over 50k with a 15% Engagement Rate, well over an industry average.

Due to the nature of the product, Mochee has dealt with community management issues from environmental and animal rights groups.

What we did

Social media strategy and launch with brand awareness as primary goal

  • Monthly content calendar
  • Annual campaign strategy
  • Content creation
  • Community Management
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Paid Social
  • Reporting and analytics

Ideated and executed #MindfulMonday campaign that rolled out every Monday with new content, giving followers positive and useful tips and programming to promote wellness during COVID-19.

Engaged micro influencers and content creators to create positive content during COVID-19 from all verticals including fitness, gardening, healthy cooking, and tips for staying on track while working at home.

Mochee created assets to compliment the influencer content including a “Cooking Playlist” and “Watch List”


  • Wrote and designed “Note to our followers” staying authentic to the brand and introducing the campaign
  • Executed giveaway with influencers resulting in over 2,500 entries
  • Increased followers on Facebook and Instagram by 40% within 8 weeks
  • Achieved average engagement rate of over 7%

Our Work


Bluehouse Salmon