Em Oi


Em Oi is a Vietnamese fast-casual restaurant that opened in Miami in May, 2020, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. It is located within a trailer at the Midtown Garden Center, and falls in the the “food truck” concept
Em Oi had to be strategic with their marketing expenses when they opened, in order to ensure the neighborhood was aware of their offerings and obscure location. Social media was the exclusive marketing channel the restaurant used to generate buzz within the area. 

What we did

Mochee launched Em Oi’s presence on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram, the page launched with a pre-planned 9 post grid giving prospective eaters the full picture of the experience, food and location. With a limited paid budget Mochee executed a strategic ad campaign on both platforms within a tight radius of the location to spread maximum brand awareness. 

Mochee garnered over a half million social media impressions for Em Oi within their first month. Sales at the restaurant increased exponentially week over week and within a two month time frame has already received numerous reviews on Google and Yelp (with both profile pages and ads on those platforms setup by Mochee), all 5 stars! Additionally, Mochee successfully partnered with a select group of food bloggers, all for trade, who raved about their meals and posted multiple times to their hundreds of thousands of followers. 


In a short time-frame, Mochee was able to support a new neighborhood restaurant launch despite the challenges that covid-19 posed. By ensuring they had a strong presence on digital channels and social media Em Oi has been able to build a strong loyal following. Working with this client has given Mochee the ability to effectively and efficiently help launch brick and mortar businesses. 


  • Generated over 500,000 impressions within the first month of launch
  • Established partnerships with food bloggers
  • Built strong loyal following for the brick and mortar business that launched during COVID-19


Social Media Management, Photography, Social Media Advertising


Em Oi