Holman Automotive: BMW iX/i4 IG Campaign

Case study: Holman Automotive

Holman Automotive has been at the forefront of the automotive industry since 1924, as one of the largest privately-owned dealership groups in the United States, with over 40 dealership franchises representing 20 automotive brands. With the increased interest in electric vehicles, Holman wanted to educate on the newest electric BMW models relesing in 2022, the BMW iX and i4. Mochee engaged a combination of organic and paid Instagram story campaigns to reach their targets in five east coast markets resulting in over 850,000 impressions and 11,300 direct link clicks. This correlated to a 98.9% increase in average impressions and a 99.1% increase in average link clicks.

This was one of Holman Automotive’s first paid social media campaigns which led to a conservative budget of $200 per dealership. To optimize this small budget, Mochee conceptualized and designed four-story packages in accordance with BMW USA brand standards – two static image packages and two video packages. The campaign ran for three months where we A/B tested two packages each in the first two months, followed by running the highest-performing packages in the final month. The packages resulted in a 13.3% click-through rate, 10% above the average click-through rate for social ads. 

The Instagram story packages were run organically and through paid ads to more directly target each dealership’s market. Engagement tools such as polls and sliders were included on all organic packages resulting in 622% more engagements than average. We also aligned static grid posts on the iX and i4 to reinforce the messaging of this campaign and provide another avenue for each dealership audience to retrieve more information on the new models. Posts included a CTA to learn more at the link in bio which led 4% of organic post traffic to click the link in bio.

Holman Regional directors were overwhelmed by the success of this campaign on and off social including increased calls, foot traffic, and website visits in each of their five markets. Due to these impressive results with such a minimal budget, dealership directors decided to prioritize social campaigns for all brands and allocate a larger paid budget to future campaigns.


  • 850,000+ impressions
  • >11,300 link clicks
  • 325+ engagements
  • $0.51 Average CPR
  • $5.43 Average CPM


Holman Automotive