Holman Motorcars: Account Merger / Growth to 10K

Case study: Holman Automotive

Holman Motorcars is a luxury automotive dealership with showrooms in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and St. Louis Missouri, representing Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bentley, and Bugatti. The client tasked Mochee with consolidating the two Instagram accounts representing each location into a single brand page and growing the page to have 10,000 followers. 

What we did

Mochee created a streamlined strategy to transition one of the location accounts into the brand account and guide followers from the account that would no longer be active to the new brand page. This strategy led to a successful consolidation and 1,000+ follower growth in only 90 days.

First, Mochee identified the higher-engaging account to convert into the brand page. Next, we created two 9-post grids to direct followers from the old account to the new brand page. All of these posts included clear messaging that the account will no longer be active and the handle of the new account for them to follow. Posts were also supported with daily stories sharing the same information.
After both 9-post grids were made, all other account posts were archived, and the bio was updated to direct any traffic to the new page. We continued making story posts directing followers to the new page for 30 days following the merger to ensure any remaining followers interested in content were informed to follow the new page.


In conjunction with the merger, Holman Motorcars wanted to increase its brand page to 10,000 followers. Mochee implemented an organic and promoted post strategy to achieve this goal. Despite the challenge of working within Facebook’s Credit requirement for the automotive industry, which limits the targeting of ads, we achieved over 350,000 impressions, a 72% increase over our average impressions. Utilizing organic posting and a minimal ad budget of $1,200, Mochee increased Holman Motorcars’ page following by over 500 followers directly from ads and 1,000 followers through organic posting. 

At the end of this 90 day project, Holman Motorcars had a clear, consolidated brand page and 10k+ followers due to Mochees seamless implementation of the strategy.

Ad KPI’s

  • Total budget: $1,240
  • Total impressions: 357,027
  • Average CPC: $0.34
  • Cost per follower: $2.70


Holman Motorcars