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Social Media: Marketing’s Most Powerful Tool

Social Media Marketing is at its pinnacle. It’s proven to “accelerate business growth and relevance,” by driving “…all parts of a growing business: Sales, marketing, customer service, and e-commerce,” as originally reported by ZDNet. Retain followers and grow your brand with us. According to Pew Research, “fifty percent of consumers have increased their social media usage in the past six months.” We’ve seen that increase first-hand handling over 35+ accounts for our clients.  Here are three key takeaways why your brand or product should have an active, effective, and beautiful social media presence, all services we offer!  Social Media “fuels bottom-line growth.” This means that 89% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media, and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor. Brand awareness continues to be the top priority. Bottom-line growth cannot be fulfilled unless there is adequate brand awareness. Mochee has launched countless paid and organic campaigns with proven results, with brands such as Bluehouse Salmon and 2020 Vision. Creativity will set your brand apart. Mochee is constantly sharing ideas and keeping an eye on competitors to stay on top of the ever-changing social game.  Avoid being unfollowed. The top two reasons for unfollowing, as reported by ZDNet is: “… the poor quality of product and poor customer service” and a “…loss of interest is delivering irrelevant content.” We will invigorate your brand awareness by providing community service and thoughtful messaging. In turn, increasing and retaining followers. You’re building a great brand and/or product and we will be there right alongside helping exceed your goals. We’re part of a team of experts maintaining and entertaining audiences across all different industries. Your social media marketing needs a makeover, get in touch, let’s take your brand to the next level.

Paid Doesn’t Exist Without Organic Social

Work smarter, not harder. Why social media strategies should include a balance of both. You’ve probably heard people talking about posting organically versus putting “money” behind posts. Here at Mochee, we have 10 years of social media experience under our belt. That’s hundreds of thousands of ad buying across various industries and over 100,000+ posts, organic and paid. Therefore, we’ve got the knowledge and proven results for the most effective social media campaigns for your brand. Let’s go back to basics: Organic social is any social media activity without a paid promotion; paid social refers to anything on social media that’s influenced by advertising dollars. Paid and organic should complement each other in your social media strategy, they should both engage and cultivate followers by blending authenticity and using smart digital marketing approaches with paid. Paid posts should be more than just pushing conversions, they can be used to create brand awareness by breaking through tough algorithms to connect with new audiences. This is especially effective when using insightful audience targeting (think geo-targeting). Organic social is the best way to “listen to your audience” and note any trends that might garner wanting to pivot content strategies, as well as establishing trust and transparency. These are ideals that are now more important than ever. Organic allows you to pivot quickly. This skill is essential, as we’ve recently seen with COVID-19 and social distancing at home. Organic posts are just storytelling down to its core: it’s meant to build and cultivate a community while establishing your brand story. However, organic reach is struggling due to social platforms prioritizing posts with ad dollars. Strategizing which posts will be paid heavily relies on the results from organic posts–pinpointing which insights are significant to apply to paid ads is crucial. For example, on Facebook, video posts had the highest organic reach on Facebook by a margin of almost 3%, which is huge given that average organic reach has dropped to 1% or less. This is especially true in D2C brands. They establish a community through organic posts, and heavily target or re-target consumers with paid ads. Whether or not those paid ads are successful will be based on how their organic posts have performed and the understanding behind why they performed the way they did. Organic and paid social are mutually inclusive. One cannot live without the other. Here at Mochee, we understand the most effective way of strategizing and balancing both. Each industry is different, but the longing to belong to a community is universal–Mochee identifies these opportunities and leverages them resulting in a resilient brand on social media.