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And the Mochi for Best Dressed Goes To…

This may surprise you (it shouldn’t) but the Mochees are big award show fans. Awards season keeps our phones buzzing with group messages, Instagram tags and snapchats. Lunch the next day is full of our assessments of who deserved it, who got snubbed and of course, whose look we loved. The guys were great, the guys were fine – get a good tailor and bravo to you. It’s all about the gowns in our opinion. (Even John Legend gets it.)

We all pretty much agreed that Grammy 2016 fashion was utterly disappointing. Nothing standout. Nothing great. Selena looked nice. Bey and Ciara are gorgeous, but what were those dresses. End of impressions.

But the Golden Globes was fashion moment after fashion moment strutting down the carpet. Jaime Alexander and Olivia Wilde rocked deep-Vs and Kate Hudson has us wondering if mere mortals could have those abs.


Fast-forward to the Oscars and two blonde beauties sparkled in our eyes. And on camera since they were both wearing sequins. Enter Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn and Saoirse Ronan, best actress nominee for Brooklyn (no clue how that’s pronounced? Don’t worry, Ellen asked for you, just keep scrolling).



However, there was the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party (not an award show we know) and Gigi Hadid wore this, so pretty much everyone else should just put on jeans and a t-shirt for the rest of the year because who is going to top it?