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Mochee takes over Midtown Atlanta.

Last week, part of our team went on another incredible adventure that took them to Midtown Atlanta. So what took us there? We recently started working with an incredible new project, Yoo on the Park.

Yoo on the Park is a brand new, just built residential apartment building located in the heart of Midtown AKA the go-to place when in Atlanta. Trendy, easily walkable and with endless options that cover everything from where to dine, to the finest art and cultural programs, not to mention the incredible parks and green spaces.

Mochee 2.0 was a natural selection to help bring this project to life. This time our trip’s objective was to create and develop engaging content that reflected the Yoo on the Park’s identity in a more “social media friendly” way. We worked hard to capture the project’s whimsical design while creating moments we knew would resonate on social media ultimately attracting potential renters. This was an exciting opportunity for the Mochee team to apply our photography expertise to an unsaturated market.

Yoo on the Park’s impeccably designed amenities and common spaces were the perfect location to once again score social media gold. Make sure to follow @Yooonthepark and @mocheesocial to find out more about this ground-breaking project!