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Mochee Brings Bright Ideas to Brightline Content

Mochee is keeping Brightline social media on track!

We started working with South Florida’s newest transportation option leading up to their initial launch of service in fall 2017. Brightline connects Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach with high-speed trains that make getting around South Florida easier and more enjoyable – forget sitting in traffic on 95, we want to travel in comfort (with snacks and cocktails) on the train!

Mochee is strategically helping Brightline grow their social media presence, promoting messaging to increase awareness and create excitement among locals and visitors alike. Our responsibilities include posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media advertising, online reputation management, customer service, giveaway coordination, live coverage of Brightline events, and creating compelling social media content.

Mochee 2.0 designs graphics and was behind a very successful photo shoot capturing the Brightline experience. From outside the station, to scanning your ticket, and getting work done while you travel, the photographs show various facets of riding the train. The Mochee creative division is preparing for another photo shoot soon!

Some of the campaigns Mochee has enacted for Brightline include:

Train Safety: Promoting train safety tips through graphics and consistent messaging.
‘Brightline in Focus’ Photo Contest: The public was asked to submit their best train photos, with the winner receiving a monthly pass and cash prize. More than 100 photos were submitted! See the winning photo.
MiamiCentral Opening: Creating buzz around the opening of the Miami station with behind-the-scenes Live videos, opening party coverage, and posting new station features.

We are excited to continue applying our extensive experience to this exciting client: building a following, maximizing reach and implementing strategic campaigns. Keep an eye out for creative content, exciting activations, possibly even a familiar face or two.

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Insight into Facebook’s Feed Change

In January, Facebook announced that it was revamping its News Feed to prioritize posts and updates from users’ friends and family, but show less content from brands and publishers. The decision is likely to stem from the criticism Facebook has faced due to the increasing influence the social media platform has on the public. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s peace offering to filter and prioritize content is forecasted to decrease users’ time spent on Facebook, and thus, impacting businesses and advertisers alike.

According to eMarketer’s most recent forecast in September 2017, time spent on Facebook in the U.S. is estimated to be about 42 minutes per day in 2018 and 43 minutes per day in 2019. With the new changes to Facebook’s news feed, this may not be the case. Zuckerberg has acknowledged that he expects engagement rates and the time spent on Facebook to decrease in lieu of the changes. In a separate post, Facebook’s vice president of product management, Adam Mosseri, wrote that Pages was also likely to be negatively impacted by the platform’s News Feed revamp. Due to the foreseeable decrease in reach, businesses need to be more strategic to ensure that their posts are reaching their consumers utilizing advertising and custom content.




Sound Off: Musical Mochees

Every morning at Mochee one of us connects to the speaker and the tunes start playing. Silence is not golden for our productivity levels. We all agree a good playlist is key to keeping our fingers flying fast across keyboards, scheduling tweets, writing blogs and communicating with clients.


Scientific studies have found those who listened to music complete their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t because the music improved their mood. Music can prevent the mind from wandering. Listening to something upbeat while performing repetitive tasks such as checking emails or filling out a spreadsheet will make your task go by that much faster. According to a New York Times article, music can release dopamine in the same way that eating something delicious or looking at a beautiful view does. Lucky for us we always have a great playlist on the speaker, chocolate in the cabinet and Wynwood murals out the office window.

What we’re currently listening to:

The Weeknd

Boyz II Men



Christmas Music (‘tis the season!)

Happy listening!


– Jenna


The 5 Social Media Terms Mochee Needs You to Understand

Facebook- What should be the main source of communication between you and your audience. An extremely effective way to present and spread information to the people you want to reach. Still a very popular platform despite what your 13-year-old daughter thinks. If you have a business, you need a Facebook.

Hashtag- a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign, used to funnel posts of a specific topic together. For instance, if you search #MocheeSocial on Google, you’ll stumble upon a goldmine of hilarious pictures, a slew of pop culture references, and a variety of pictures featuring any combination of the same 5 beautiful girls.

Twitter- A micro-blogging network of short blurbs with a limit of 140 characters. Arguably the most effective platform to conduct fluid conversations with users in real time through the use of a hashtag. Though many find it difficult, it is indeed possible (for the Mochees) to maintain a professional image on Twitter (for you).

Instagram- One of the most popular social media platforms. An online photo and video sharing community. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, it’s likely your pretty popular in real life. You’ll find the most hashtag use on Instagram.

Impressions- The number of times a post from your page is displayed. The more impressions, the better. If you’re a Mochee client, this number is always, without a doubt, high.


Mochee Attends TAG Heuer Event

As the official social media agency for TAG Heuer Latin America and the Caribbean, Mochee was invited to take part in a recent event put on by TAG Heuer at The Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach. While there, Mochees Amy and Alex gave a presentation illustrating TAG Heuer social media activity and pitching new ideas to a group of TAG Heuer distributors and retailers. Mochees also got the inside scoop about upcoming 2015 marketing plans and partnerships TAG Heuer has in the works. We are happy to be working with a company that has such an exciting future!

After their presentation, the Mochees participated in a Don’t Crack Under Pressure team building activity (appropriately named after TAG Heuer’s official campaign) at the Flamingo Tennis Center. As expected, the Mochee team won the tournament! Because Mochees NEVER crack under pressure.


Mochee Attends Launch of Humbled By The Journey

Last week, members of the Mochee team had the pleasure of attending the launch of Humbled By The Journey: Life Lessons For My Family…And Yours, the extraordinary personal story penned by our new client, Mike Fernandez. The penniless immigrant from Cuba turned billionaire business mogul invites readers to join him along his 508-mile journey from France through Spain, all while overcoming obstacles and explaining the most important lessons he embraced throughout his challenging, unique experience.

To celebrate the event, Books & Books and The Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College hosted a special conversation between best friends/business partners Mike Fernandez and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, moderated by former Miami Herald publisher David Lawrence. The pair, both of whom started with limited means, covered the spectrum discussing achievements and accomplishments, principles and values, the importance of giving back and paying it forward. Their individual stories of sacrifice and success enlightened and empowered the all-ages audience of 700+. As a passionate philanthropist, Fernandez pledges to donate all proceeds from the book to The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation.


Click here to get your copy of Humbled By The Journey can be purchased exclusively through Books & Books.


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Mochee Adds Books & Books to Client List

Mochee’s client portfolio list keeps growing! We are happy to announce that our latest addition to our portfolio is none other than the independent locally owned bookstore, Books and Books. We are handling the social media accounts of their Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Bal Harbour Shops and Miami International Airport locations, as well as the social media accounts of the cafes located in the Miami Beach and Coral Gables locations.

Our first event with our new client was Arianna Huffington’s inspiring interview-style conversation with University of Miami president, Donna Shalala. Guests of the event were given vouchers to attend in exchange for purchasing Arianna Huffington’s new novel Thrive. It was an inspiring talk that centralized mainly on the importance of disconnecting and recharging to guarantee career success.



Mochee’s Skills Recognized in the Miami Herald!

The Miami Herald is on to something good. They’ve recognized the power of social media as a marketing tool for small businesses in South Florida and written a feature on its success in the area. “In recent years, small-business owners have turned to social media, email and mobile marketing websites to build visibility for their brands. In 2014, say experts, digital marketing is no longer simply a way to bump up brand awareness: It has become essential. With 73 percent of U.S. internet users turning to social networking sites and 53 percent of American adults carrying a smart phone, businesses that don’t employ social network marketing may find themselves losing out to the competition.” We at Mochee believe that social platforms are vital in engaging existing and potential customer loyalty, developing a brand strategy as well as an identity, and they act as a tool for monitoring the behavior patterns of target markets for our clients. The Miami Herald actually interviewed one of our clients, Gregg Lurie of Daily Melt, who opened his delectable sandwich melt shop in Midtown Mall back in February of 2013 to highlight his successful social media strategy. “Lurie hired Mochee, a social media marketing firm, to engage his customers online by posting photos of the Daily Melt’s weekly specials on its social media sites — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — with an upbeat message. The strategy has drawn more than 5,000 Facebook fans, and customers often share the photos with their social networks.” We couldn’t be more proud of Daily Melt’s growth and we are happy to be a part of his continued success! Oh, and a mention in the Miami Herald definitely made our weeks.
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Arme De L’amour goes live on luxury online retailer, Net-A-Porter

The team at Mochee is proud to announce that our client (as well as one of our personal favorites jewelry designers), Ivana Berendika Jermoluk, has joined forces with online luxury retailer, Net-A-Porter, to sell her graceful, yet ever-so-delicate jewelry brand, Arme de L’Amour. The team here at Mochee has been updating her Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote her beautiful products and we’re proud that Ivana has caught the attention of Net-A-Porter. The Serbian-born, but now Miami-based designer draws her inspiration from her vivid childhood memories of her grandfather’s captivating antique jewelry collection as well as her own worldly travels as a model (a career that began as early as eighteen years old for Ivana).

As her career demanded Ivana work in some of the most municipal cities in the world, Ivana always felt drawn to the patterns and designs that were most prominent in the obscurity of small villages and the isolation of mountainous trails. Her travels continued to the city of New York, where Ivana decided she finally pursue her interests in art, design and jewelry at the Parsons School of Design. Her jewelry is designed to be both minimal and delicate, yet display the exotic elements she witnessed most frequently in her travels. On a recent trip to Vienna in Austria, Ivana went to an exhibition of the artist Gustav Klimt, who is most known for his work with gold, and it is the reason her pieces are all gold-plated. We are overjoyed that this designer’s work is being sold in one of the most luxurious global online retailers and expanding, but we are more excited that her talent and aesthetic is noticed and appreciated worldwide. Her first piece to be posted on the site, the gold-plated finger bracelet, was sold out in less than 24 hours! Congratulations Ivana, we can’t wait to see your jewelry draping the wrists, hands, ears and fingers of women everywhere!

Arme de L’Amour Facebook

Arme de L’Amour Twitter

Check out Arme d l’amour on Net-A-Porter here


The GetMyRx mobile app takes the hassle out of refilling your prescriptions

If it’s possible to deposit checks through our mobile phones and have our groceries delivered right to our doorsteps, how is it that our most important medicines and prescriptions can’t also be delivered and ordered simultaneously through our mobile apps? Isn’t it daunting to have to drive to the pharmacy every time you want to leave the pharmacist with a new prescription, then have to drive back an hour after it is filled, just to pick it up? The folks at GetMyRx caught on to this, and developed a mobile app that allows you to order new prescriptions and refills from your mobile phone. What’s even better is that they also match the location of your home to the nearest pharmacy in Miami-Dade County that will deliver the prescriptions to your home free of charge. Too good to be true? No sir. Download the app on your phone today and sign up, it takes as little as thirty seconds and requires that you follow five simple steps:

Scan your Rx or confirm the pharmacy (paper, faxed, or prescriptions are all valid)
Confirm the doctor
Select the patient
Scan the insurance card
Enter address and phone

After you sign up on the mobile app, the pharmacy that delivers to your location will contact you to collect your payment (only credit cards are accepted) and schedule a delivery time that is most convenient for you (within 4 business hours is the soonest it can be delivered). There are no hidden fees from GetMyRx, you pay exactly what you have always paid in your pharmacy (minus the hassle of driving there to do it). The team here at Mochee is working hard to reach out to more users and promote this service through the company’s Twitter and Facebook social media sites.

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To learn more about the app GetMyRx and how to sign up as well as some commonly asked questions by other users, follow this link