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Facebook has a new strategy for Gen Z. Let's discuss.
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Facebook’s New Strategy for Gen Z

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook shared a plan to win over Gen Z. Let’s talk about it.

Are we getting over influencers?
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Are we over influencers?

Is there an oversaturation of influencers and influencer marketing?

Today, we cover the Rise and Fall of X/Twitter
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The Rise and Fall of X/Twitter

It seems like Twitter, now X, is headed towards a change it might not recover from.

Have we become too dependent on our phones?

The Era of Phone Dependence

As technology advances and integrates itself into every aspect of our lives, we have to ask ourselves: are we too dependent on it?

Snapchat Influencers are making bank, much to the internet's surprise.
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Snapchat Influencers: Are They Here to Stay?

Snapchat Influencer are on the rise. How much do they really make

Cancel culture is all the rage these days, but it actually has a long history!
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Let’s Talk About Cancel Culture

You can cancel a show but is it possible to cancel a person?

Many industries would not be the same without the impact of visionary women in the workforce.

Women in the Workforce

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge women’s roles and impact in the workforce.

Let's Breakdown Sprout Social’s 2024 Content Benchmarks
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The Need for Content: A Breakdown of Sprout’s 2024 Report

Sprout Social’s 2024 Content Benchmarks Report is out – let’s dive in.

We unpack the connection between social media fashion trends and consumption.
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TikTok Made Me Buy It: The Rise of Trend Cycles and Consumerism

Trend cycles are still rapidly shifting, but how does it effect average users?

TikTok recently released a 'What's Next' trend report for 2024.
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TikTok Released Its ‘What’s Next’ Trend Report for 2024. Let’s Dive In.

Today, we break down TikTok’s 2024 ‘What’s Next’ trend report.